NoOr Ache
I think the warmest, most peaceful, beautifully sophisticated phrase of a song lyrics I've heard is " so, sublime, the chase to end all time.."
The feeling "sublime" gives me, it's not simply "fly", it's more like, evolve, transform, into a higher entity, a higher being, where you don't have a solid "self".. you're molten with nature, with air and skies, with abstracts like beauty and peace, you no longer need to be a part of naive human interactions, you're above you're in peace and the peace at the same time, you're in love and the love, you're nameless yet carrying all the names, all the scents, all sins yet in heaven, all eyes yet blind, all you hear is a static light tune of nothing, yet everything. You don't carry a droplet of tear, yet you're entirely made of tears.
I definitely want to sublime..

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