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Can you trust someone who is really pretty

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yeah! someone's appearance has nothing to do with who they are as a person. they just won a genetic lottery and that's it, whether I trust them or not comes from their personality
Trust them with what? It always depends upon the person. One person may keep my secrets, but not pay back $20 they borrowed. Another friend will pay back the borrowed $20 but can't keep a secret
Let’s be real. Your opinion on looks is really up to your personal standards. My “pretty” might be different from yours. How you feel is really dependent on you, not him/her. How you relate “trust” with another individual is solely based only on your own personal experiences and not the other person. Your “trust” has NOTHING to do with him/her.
I don’t think being pretty is a reason to trust or not trust someone.. 😘 like idk how that would even matter one person might be super untrustworthy and the next the most.

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