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Um... I really curious at your website is made with wordpress or other program?

Wordpress : )

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Cómo habéis logrado dedicaros integramente al desarrollo del juego sin acabar debajo de un puente? Me gustaría entrar en el mundillo del desarrollo indie y ando algo perdido en ese proceso de transición. PD: Estáis haciendo un juegaco.

Alberto Fernandez
Muchas gracias! Sobre lo de vivir debajo de un puente... nadie a dicho que no estemos debajo de uno! jajaja
Ahora en serio, hacer videojuegos implica muchos sacrificios. Nosotros planificamos lo mejor que pudimos el desarrollo y nos lanzamos a la piscina con la campaña de Kickstarter, dejando nuestros trabajos en el proceso. Te recomiendo que te lo tomes con calma y te especialices en el campo que más te gusta. Júntate con gente competente e intenta salir adelante :)

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No more dev logs?

Still doing them but took some time developing the alpha demo for Kickstarter / Humble backers. We'll be posting a new one in no time.

View more I really like it!! And I have one question about that.. Is that made with unity editor? Or others?

All made with Unity. The Unity editor provides the basic scheme and tools to design your levels. We wanted to go a step forward and added new functions like the room grid, but most options like snapping to pixel units, etc. come by default :)

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Will you release this in 2017 or later?

(⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃──☆*:・゚“A game is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to."
So, in our case, the game would come to life when we'll finish it. And none of us can tell when would it be. Our top priority is to make the best gaming experience that we can provide. We don't want to rush the production values so we don't have a final release date for the moment.

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Could you give us an example of boss fight (like a teaser)

Sounds like the stuff the dreams are made of... and also Demos.
Indeed our backers and supporters will have the chance to play an entire level with its final boss instead of showing you a video teaser with how would it look like.

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Can't wait for the next dev log!

Hope you like it!! (っ˘ω˘ς )

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Is there any way to re-purchase he game? I have recently discovered this and would love to do so but it doesn't seem like I can......

∑(O_O;) Thanks for notifying us!
There was a mix-up with the links on Humble but now it's fixed! (o´ω`o)ノ

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When will you release your next dev report?

This week!! So stay tuned (ノ*゚▽゚*)

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Do you know any good tutorial for pixel animation?

Yasss!! ☆ ~('▽^人)
A developer named Alexey Garkushin posted a series of tutorials about pixel art making in general. They are quite interesting for a beginner (not all animation related but very useful):
Animating pixel art is no different than doing it in other style. Aside from the technique and tools selected, the animation methods are practically the same. I always recommend to check out this wonderful tutorial that explains the 12 basic animation principles:
Also, if you are searching for a program to work with I encourage you to download Aseprite. Is cheap and easy to use (best pixel art drawing/animation tool out there).
Good luck with your future pixel creations! ( ̄▽ ̄)/

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Will the first secret chapter be available for all players? And will there be any second secret chapter?

Quick answer: 1)Yes 2) Nope
The first secret chapter: Lost Memories, is unlockable for all players and game versions after finishing it. As for the "second": Unveil the truth starring Della Hudson (the journalist), there's no intentions of doing it.
And if you are trying to figure out why, I'll help you (⌒ω⌒)
"Unveil the truth" changes the core and game mechanics and adds a lot of new dialogues in six languages (english, spanish, french, german, portuguese and russian).
For this chapter there'll be about the same amount of words as for the main game (it makes it a game by itself) and the budget for translation is very tight so we can not afford the cost for the Della's chapter.
Now maybe there are people thinking about dropping one or two languages options to get the chapter but we don't agree with them and it'll be a long story so PLFC will come on those six languages and every player will have the chance to play the chapter Lost Memories if they beat the game (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

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Will there be voice acting in this game?

Unfortunately not (´-ω-`)
Paradise Lost is our first foray into video games and it's already a huge project. Besides this, adding voices to the project it's harder than it seems, so we will not include voice acting.
Probably for the next project (´• ω •`) ♡

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Can you give us a small hint about the story?

All we can say is the brief summary about the project:
The story of Paradise Lost is one of the keys to keep players engaged throughout the experience and whatever we say concerning the plot is a spoiler, sorry human |ω・)ノ
Anyway, if you check our regular updates through Kickstarter or the Asthree devblog you'll have some hints about new enemies and situations (・ω<)☆

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I'm eagerly waiting for testing out the game. Even a small preview build works; like HyperlightDrfiter; they released a preview build open for a short time on Steam. Can we expect that anytime soon? I know you are busy, but realistically, how long before we get our IDs with our shiny pixel faces? :D

It could take a little while but yes, expect a preview build.
About the campaign goodies, Kickstarter allow to make a single survey so it could be very chaotic at this moment… we are waiting to send all things after the game release.

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it has the swag so give it the taste!! it is not a serious question but i'm on it i've always wanted to see the squid-thing with an 'oceanic' color. yk some camouflage like the octopoossies - lol i hate these guys- but with a more bright tone. can u do that? or it will be possible with their skills?

Ey pal! the squid-thing is actually an alien plant, not an animal, and its camouflage ability is inspired by the translucent effect of plants like the Haworthia called "windowed leaves" the effect that the plant generates, it's more like a Predator camo. Here is a sneak peak of the effect ingame (the one from the right): about the color scheme, Subject W is, as early stated, a sentient plant, and for that sole purpose is green :D (and even has a slight blue tone to differentiate it from the rest of normal plants).

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It's possible that you may be tired of answering the same question over and over but, how are things going? I can imagine that rewriting code and improving graphics take time so, how advanced is all of that? And finally, could you say a release date because I'll settle with a realistic estimation.

Things are going fine, we resolved a lot of issues and the game is working perfectly so far. Sometimes repeating a task give you a new perspective about stuff that didn't work well in the previous version (anyway it's a pain in the ass haha). Right now we are implementing the logic and core mechanics of the puzzles and still working on the AI. About the release of the game we can't confirm a certain date... We planned to have a Beta version for the end of the year, but time will tell.

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Hi, my name is Achraf and i am a college student and i wonder if you can accept my interview request of a research that i am doing , just some simple questions about the job as game developer . Thanks .

You can send your questions to We are very busy with the game development, so it could take a little since we answer all your questions.
Anyway if you are making a research, best way to do it is sending a pre-made test to different developers. Those are quick and easy to respond ;)

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Could you add an RSS feed for your DevBlog ?

We are going to add an RSS feed icon on the devblog, keep an eye on it :)

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I always thought that your game was too neat for such a small team and that made me suspicious from the start. Now I read on the Steam announcements that you're starting from scratch and it's cause you changed the programmer. I just wanna know what happened. Was it something out of whack?

The only thing that we started from scratch is the game's code, everything else will be exactly the same.
Back in September we had a different perspective about things with the previous partner, and didn't feel like we could continue the development along him. We didn't want any trouble with intellectual property rights and to avoid that we didn't take the code.
We are now working with a new programmer and advanced a lot in the development. We also added new stuff that we thought impossible to make, so we are more confident about the game progress right now :)
We talked about this in recent Kickstarter updates and we'll change the website soon with a devblog section, where you can take a look to the development process.

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How come I love your game so much? Discuss? Seriously though - great looking game and best of luck -Tim

Wow, thanks pal! You just make our day with your kind words ;)

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projected release date for wii u?

We are focused on the PC version right now, so we can't assure you a certain date for the wiiU version, sorry... only that it will be the first priority after the steam release.

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Is there going to be a Co-op mode?

There's no coop mode planned for the game. Anyway, the WiiU version will probably include integration with the miiverse to post and look to player tips ingame.

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Is there any special Miiverse integration for the Wii U version?

Hey! that's a great idea. It would be interesting to integrate the miiverse posts in real time through the gamepad, giving the players the chance to write their tips into the stages... similar to Dark Souls or Shovel Knight for WiiU. We'll keep that in mind ;)

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Cómo va la búsqueda de programador? Qué porcentaje de la programación está ya desarrollado? Me preocupa que el cambio del único programador sea un problema a estas alturas. Son vuestras expectativas de demo y de versión final realistas?

Ya hemos encontrado un programador y el proyecto está encaminado. La separación ha supuesto empezar de cero con el código pero durante el año que estuvimos trabajando hemos aprendido cómo atajar los problemas de programación.
Sobre las expectativas de demo y versión final, solo podemos decir que el juego saldrá a lo largo de 2015 y que la demo la lanzaremos lo antes posible para que la gente pueda tener una muestra de Paradise Lost.

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Can you give the season of release?

We practically remade the core of the game and told our backers that the release date will be mid 2015, but we can't assure you any certain date for the next year.

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