Aiiii me? aιѕнaн ĸнaιrυl

Third wheeling sja 😜 JKJK

PAP of your Valentine?


¿Cuál es tu mayor defecto? ☆Zaidibeth Marie☆

LOS RECHAZOS son los peores D': 💔💔

How do you help your friends when they're feeling low?

1) If my friend is feeling VERY low, the next day i'd give her chocs
2) I'd let her cry on my shoulders and hug me tightly if she did it
3) 'Do you want pizza hut rn? I could call to make you better' OR 'Lets go to the canteen and pick out something to cheer you up'
4) 'Kastah makan luar. I call my mom' (only during lunch time)

The best thing to help your friends is just by listening to their problems - if you're that type of person who can keep secrets and never reveal them to anyone else AT ALL. coz if you do, they can never trust you again

What is your favorite thing about summer?

Back in the UKs in summer me and my friends would play cricket, basketball and all sorts of sports lol but tbh i never get tanned back then 😂 di brunei baru jogging 1 lap hbis sunburn 😂😂
lol but dont get me wrong. I love my hometown just the way it is 😌

I have feelings for you..but you don’t even care, do you? I told all in this letter. (sorry that you will need to sign in, but it will be worth it..I hope..only place where I trust write something).


@GingerWesson asks, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?"

..or am I?

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

"Hi, I like you"
"I'm so awesome"
"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?"
"Fuck me" - not literally HAHAHA
"Hi, I'm Nab. I'm 14 years old" - only my current classmates will understand this :'))

who's jelly?

Seorang manusia yang saya cintai


You're probably telling my jokes and using my lines when we dated to someone who's not me
I think you're more annoying ;)

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?


Who did you last say “I love you” to?

Jelly 💕

Sadang sadang lai. olevel ni taun ani, jantah beulah. 😌 itulah inilah. cakap stop 🙆👌 - W

Sadang sadang lai. Aku ani bukan lagi anak damit 😌

Favourite emoji(s) ?


If you knew you had one day to live, how would you spend it?

I'd rather die than seeing the one I love being so happy

If there is one thing that you could change about the past, what would that be?

In 2012, I've received news that I passed my Tahfiz interview, Alhamdulillah, but I rejected it; just because I had to choose between going to Maktab Sains or Tahfiz. That time, I got 5A's for PSR too, and I didn't know where to go. (Ye lah bisikan Syaitan 😒)
The second time I sat for the interview (2013) - because I was so eager to go to Tahfiz, I didn't pass. Maybe because I was confident that I'd pass this 2nd interview, but I didn't. Now I know what my mistakes are and regret the rest of my life for not going in Tahfiz in the first place. I know I've been doing stupid things recently, but what can I do?

Well, IF I COULD CHANGE ABOUT THE PAST, I would go back and tell the old self of me to just choose to go to Tahfiz than MS, because I know insyaAllah it made me change to be a better person

Awah, idk kenapa cematu 😂😂 i just wanna say thankyou hahahahahah. lol no you're not going anywhere psh. jadinya? biartia waah hahahahah nadadeh. eh eh anw, i have bad news :'c one of ustazah di tilawah meninggal tadi ptg :'c 💔💔 wiida insyirah

Heh c: Inalillahi Wainna ilaihi Raaji'un
WHAT?! Siapa eh??

Oh HAHAHAH teruntick 😂 ani, labih ni labih shining stars tah apa. awoo, mcam mcm jua eh nab ani 😏 well goodluck in the future. thanks tho for everything, im glad to know youu ☺ wiida insyirah

subhanAllah ada org nda percaya HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
lol why you gotta act like this is a goodbye? 😂😂 I only say goodbye when i really am going somewhere :')
HAHAHAHA jkjk wewww that cracked me up 😂
btw, this is not xD

thoughts on me HAHAHA 😏 Happy 2016 nab nob psh hahaha (well you know who am i) 😂 wiida insyirah

Mun sdh u untick ofc I know laaa wat dis hahaha 😅 Happy new year wiida x
Cana kn thoughts ani? hahaha
You're nice but sometimes brijap lol When you're mad, I sometimes didn't take the advantage to listen 😁, but to smile sja HAHAHA 😂 cool kan aku ani xD You're pretty. You have a beautiful voice. I like looking at you, esp your eyes 👀 bc they're so beautiful 😍 kalah the stars shining in the night sky ♡ eseh HAHAHAHA (I ain't trynna be cheesy now shhh 😂)
Everytime kau menyamal, cali wah and cuteee 😂😂😂😂 I dieeeeeee 😝 but kdg2 aku yg pisan pyh pujuk :'))) but then, all is well in the end. and tbh, 2nd longest (fhm2 lah apa ku ckp ani HAHAH)
lel tak dpt jumpe lagi kot 😌 (yay HAHAHA nadadeh) ni x adil laaaaaa, ttpi sy terpaksa trima keadaan seperti ini 😌😌 Mudahanth you jadi qariah in the future and excell in all areas of your studiesss x
Das all i can think of hahahahahahahaha

Which animals scare you most? Why?

Literally every damn time they talk shit about you makes you hurt and wanting to kill yourself

What would you suggest everyone to try?

I suggest everyone try to shut the fuck up and mind their own business 😋

Do you have a favorite knock knock joke? Tell it!

HAHAHAHA recent convo 😂😂😂 but yeahh this is one of my fav 😁

Me: Hii syg
Knock knock
Jelly 💕: Who's there ?
Me: Honeydew
Jelly 💕: Honeydew who ?
Me: Honeydew you love me? 😘😁😁
Jelly 💕: Yes ilove you💕

ilang ah no mu nab 😂

bowh magic ah ia hilang HAHAHAHAHA

banyak jua spam nab 😂

eyy ven :p

Have you ever stolen anything?

I've stolen someone's heart


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