Ask @ateotu:

Probably a lot of people already ask this but... will you start to sing again soon?

I'm not sure, but I think somewhere, I'm kind of afraid to. Every time someone asks me, I become more afraid about it. My voice isn't soft and high anymore, it never will be again. I can't even remotely replicate it unless I whisper. Any cover I post in the future is going to be with a pretty different voice, and I have no idea how anyone is going to feel about it. My vocal ability isn't even 1/3 of what it used to be last year. It's a lot of stress on me any time I think about it.;;

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If there was +1 to anbas in this world, how would you handle more anbas in this world?

The world would be filled with a lot creativity, passion towards their desired subjects and a lot more communication through multiple languages. Not to much a surplus of bananas. I think it would be rather nice to be honest. Anba is a wonderful person and I have a lot of love and respect for her. 88') <3

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Hey, I heard that you moved to Ontario, I hope you enjoy your stay, if you feel like you ever need anything, I'm in the mississauga area, feel free to msg me

(Kane) logan f
I've been really busy working most of the time, but when I'm able to get out, I really enjoy it around here! It's really wonderful to be in such a big place and to be surrounded by such a large diversity of people! I honestly feel so at home and I don't feel like I stand out so badly! Most of the people I've encountered are super friendly and Toronto in general is just really beautiful! (And so much good food oh my goodness!!!!)
Thank you for your offer to help! I've been doing okay though and slowly figuring things out as I go 88') <3

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Have you ever mended a broken heart? Do you have any advice for those who must do that?

I'm afraid I've broken more hearts than mended;; As for my own heart, I tend to break my own as well to save myself from troubling someone with my feelings for them, and just give myself a lot of time to heal and move on.
Unfortunately, I don't have advice because I don't think what I do to myself is healthy, but I don't know how to deal with what's going on other than destroying myself over it until it finally goes away.

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do you think you'll ever redo some older covers with your new voice? I'd love to hear you sing "from the cradle to the grave" aagain if you remember the lyrics

It's hard to say. I can't really sing a lot of the songs that I used to because my voice can't sing that high anymore, or if I try to sing it lower, it goes too low. ; v ; I'm not sure if I will re-sing old covers, I mean it would be fun!! But maybe only for a few.

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