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what are ur thoughts on fans tryna be friends w/ people in the youtaite community? do people find it creepy ;w; idk because most youtaites seem v snobby u v u

I don't think anything is inherently wrong with trying to be friends with someone you admire or are a fan of, but there is definitely a right and a wrong way to go about it. A lot of people, I've found, make the mistake of coming on WAAAY too strong in an attempt to be friends and, to me, it comes off as pushy, potentially creepy, or even very invasive to demanding of my attention or personal details.
I'm often asked "Can we be friends?" or "Do you want to be friends with me?" And this is the worst kind of way to try and spark a friendship, because when someone asks to this someone else, it puts the other person in a potentially awkward position because:
1. They probably don't want to say yes because they don't know you
2. They're hesitant to say no because they don't want to hurt your feelings but again, they probably have no idea who you are
I don't think most youtaites are snobby, in fact, a lot of them are super sweet and friendly! I love talking to many of them and consider many my friends!! But you have to understand that some might be quite guarded because of experiences with random people in the past, or might simply be how they are in general. Some people might only like having a few close friends, while others like to be friends with everyone!
Friendship forms and happens with time, and if it's meant to be then it'll happen! Maybe you'll click right away, maybe it'll take time, or maybe you'll find that your personalities don't quite match up, but that doesn't make either of you bad people! It's just how it goes!! 8') Idk, we're all just people trying to live our lives, and we will all respond to things and people in different ways! It doesn't always work out but so life goes on then...
Just be respectful, and respect the space of others ; v ; <3

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How would you describe what being in love is like?

If the love is reciprocated, then I'd say it's a kind of happiness that's easy to get lost in. Like falling into an ocean except you don't drown and you just feel weightless and free. It's something that you can't quite find with friends and family. Even if it's for a brief period of time, it's something that restores a lot of faith in the world and makes everything seem brighter and more beautiful. Imagine finding the most delicious cake and you're allowed to have some and enjoy it for everything that is it.
But when the love is unrequieted, it's painful and possibly bittersweet depending on how intense it is. It's more painful the more unlikely it is that anything would ever happen. There is always something beautiful about being in love, but unrequited love is beautiful in a tragic sort of way. It's like stabbing yourself over and over when you can't do anything and you just want it to go away. it's like trying to pull yourself out of a blackhole that's not going to bring you anywhere good, but it's so, so strong. It makes me want to scream and lament a lot, haha. It's like desiring something so interesting that's always just slightly out of reach, just wanting to make that person happy and see them smile and laugh a lot... orz Instead of having the cake, you're only allowed to look at it and watch everyone else marvel at how great it is.
Unrequited love is a great inspirational catalyst for writing though. Some of my best work is from unrequited feelings I couldn't bring myself to say to the actual person.

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How did you come up with your username?

ateotu is an acronym for "At the End of the Universe". It all started in October 2004 when I created a story about what I considered a personified shadow named Voice and a red-headed girl, who is now called Alma, and they travelled together across the Universe and different planes of reality searching for... nothing in particular. I never got that far in terms of plot, I just liked plunking them into weird situations.
((side note: Today in 2015, the current story of ateotu is nothing even remotely close to that and has become a metaphorical mapping of the human brain/existence in the afterlife.))
I adopted it as an alias by chance because I started using ateotu everywhere as a username to advertise my story and start a conversation about it. It wasn't until I started uploading to youtube that I really started to use ateotu as an actual alias and less of a advertising thing (i used to use my real name otherwise or Aura from my previous alias). When I joined twitter, ateotu started to become that much closer to me than to my story.
And now, I am ateotu more than my story is ateotu, and you know, that's okay with me! The ateotu that is me also has a developing backstory AHAHAHAHA, and that's makes me rather happy as someone who is passionate about story telling and writing!! To be ateotu is an endless journey full of possibility, I guess!
I am at the end of the Universe. ♥

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