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what kind of figure do each of your friends have? (square, pear, apple?) this is not intended to offend anyone Just want you're opinion

Idk what any of those are so idk
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what classes are you picking tomorrow morning?

Adv English 2, Ap euro, Ap psych, math 2, earth science since I can't take chemistry, team field sports, and Spanish 2
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are you taking AVID next year as an elective? what are you taking next year?

All I know is I'm taking ap psychology and ap euro
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well thas pretty much what u said though

It said favorite thing about their personality or whatever and my favorite thing about anyone's personality is if they're funny sooo
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whats your fave thing about your closest friends both physically and personality wise do each separately pleeez

Diana- her hair!! And how she's quiet but when it's just you 2 she's really funny.
Savannah- her hair and outfits! Everything about her personality is perfect.
Jaclyn- her eyes. How she's funny.
Jared- his eyes. How funny and open he is.
Caleb- his eyes and smile. And how sweet he is.
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