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Im a 15-year-old and on April fools day my sister and her freinds pranked me by holding me down and putting makeup on me and girl clothes i did not like it i told my mom and she just said its an april fools joke get over it what do i do?

Are you a boy or girl

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What's your favorite book of the Bible?

I haven't read the bible but I am christian who has been baptized and I do believe in god

Do you guys ever tell someone how much they mean to you in your life that you are glad that you met them?

Devan2589’s Profile PhotoDevan
Hell yea bro do it all the time

Do you have a lot of Secrets ?

I have 1 really big one that no one knows about but my depression and all that is a big one too that not a lot of people know about

So im making a drinking game to sell...do you think it should be a boardgame or just cards...and why?

Idfk I'm 14


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