Ask @austinwolfclaw:

You have the archives of old broadcasts? If you did did you play Trapezoid and Lemon Demon around that time and if you did what dates were they from?

I probably played songs by them way back when, but i am not about to go through my collection to see when i did. Lemon Demon contributes songs to the Funny Music Project ( ) and you can find some newer stuff there.

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Nice, do you have any of from like 2002/04 available?

The first show to ever be offered as a download was August 9th 2003. ((Yes i have all the shows from 2003-2005. Unfortunately, due to a technical problem during transfer of files to a new computer, almost all of 2006 were unrecoverable. Only 5 shows were successfully recovered.)) Before that, the shows (like the ones from 2002) were done live, and if you werent there, you missed it. However, the first season officially started August 13th of 2005, when I debuted my radio shack headset which improved my voice volume. Before, you could barely hear my voice. ~AWC

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Are there any things that Michael and Austin would NOT want to do together in the event that the two of you, as each of yourselves, were together?

Well, Austin likes to get himself in dangerous situations, and often winds up getting eaten. He can reform, but I can't. So, going on dangerous adventures adventures with him is something i would not be doing with Austin.

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