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Is it right for people to go through your stuff

Absolutely not. That's invading and I've had it happen and it's very unlikely to trust after that.

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How are you feeling rn

Rn, I’m feeling a little sleepy, but I am up for the day. Hope you’re feeling alright. 👌🏼

How would you feel if you tried so hard to destroy someone and God blessed them with 100x more right before your eyes to show you who’s boss?

Well, this God wouldn’t do that to an innocent person per say, but that’s an interesting type of a question. But I wouldn’t necessarily care too much because I’m already blessed as it is… I’m grateful for what I already see in my direct future..
- Thank you

It was seriously me, making eye contact with you & you turning the other way when I seen you. Scared to speak? ;)


Do you find much of a difference in taste between lobster and crabs?

Never had either. But I've never liked the idea .....

Can you go see a professional and stop drinking so much because I'm running out of liver cells to give you lol na all jokes aside tho if You stop drinking you will die from withdrawal. So please see a professional to get cut down slowly I'm not asking you to stop just not everyday so much

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I'm already taken care of.
Thank you.

I wish I had more memories of you

You'll have plenty. I know who this is and we will definitely hang out very late in some time when I can adjust my emotional state. It's a little stress going on but I am okay, and I love and know you are an amazing person. Please stay sane for me, and we will see each other again, and you were so amazing to meet, under my circumstances, but not my own, just, utter uncanny bull sh.
You are my bestie, and I have been thinking about you.
Love and always,


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