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If someone breaks your trust once, how can you trust them again?

I don't usually. I made that mistake too many times to count.

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I love it😂 you destroyed our love, and haven’t found love even though it’s been many years. I hope you never find love again. You do not deserve it because you’re wicked

I'm sure this is spam to everyone, but I'll answer anyhow!
I'm not looking?? I haven't 'found' love from the lack of interest, from my perspective... If I'm wicked, you're sure as hell blind...

heyyyy Did you have a good day/morning?

I'm having an alright morning! Shopping & drinking my fourth cup of coffee. Always fun.
Have a blessed day.

You just need to let go.

Oh, I have already.
Seems to me that you have some letting go to do if you're going online and telling people to do things that is none of your business.
Have a good day..

Do you ever feel vulnerable or alone and like nobody gives a damn about u? Well its true. Have a bad day

Well it looks like you are projecting your feelings onto everyone else. And it's sad you're hiding under anonymous.
Do better.

Do you smoke?

No. I quit smoking cigarettes about four months ago.
I'm about to run out of the nicorette gum so I'm gonna have to deal with it.

When someone has repeatedly let you down, how do you know he’s serious when he says he’ll stop when he’s said he will stop before but kept going

You don't. It's hard to know. But you shouldn't give him the time of day after a second strike. I give two chances. In the past I had issues with a guy and I let it slide too many times.
Don't be like past teen me. Throw his butt away!

If you are seeing this, you deserve peace and sweetness and love. Never believe anything else. I am just a random anon (not personal to any of you so you don't think it's someone you know) but I care.

That's nice of you. Thank you.

If I didn't have strong feelings to you, I wouldn't forgive you. I think it's obvious.

Lol, forgive me about what?


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