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Do you have colorful or black-and-white dreams?

We wakeup all day💅. Most of us pick our phone first ❤️and One by one we check if we got likes❤️ in our post or someone messaged👀.. We find time for💁‍♂️ our friends our secret love🧚‍♀️, lover,👼 sis🧛‍♀️/brother 🧛‍♂️from another mother🤰.. In this virtual🤹‍♂️ world we celebrates all🤳 special days by wishing our loved once, we pray for them, 🙏... We have no religion here.. 🤝we share our problems with our besties.we secretly stalks👁️‍🗨️ people.. We struggle to write a good pickup line.💘 We wait for messages💕. We fight🤺, sometime we cry for our🙇‍♂️ social media friends, we break rules..🧘‍♂️ We Google🤳 for texting a friend from another country,we share good memes, 🤘we share music.. Some of need fame.. Money... Girls.. But who don't need friends who care for us?
We all are strangers💗
But we love each other💗
We care💓
Spread love with the language you know... The only thing never proved bad for anything in this world is love...

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Have you ever cried in front of someone?

Wife- jo bagal Mey naye family aye hey Vo badey cute hey💝👩‍❤️‍👨. Roz husband kam pey janesey Pehle wife ko kiss 💏deta. Sham ko flowers lata..🌹
Wife-tum kyu nhi karte yey sab?🙄
Husband-uska husband ko problem nhi hoga😯? Veysebhi Mey us ourath ko janta tak nhi. Keysey yey sab karunga 🙁

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