Ask @autumnehall:

“Vrana is definitely the player we hoped Bura would turn into”. Do you agree with this statement?

While I think Vrana has done an amazing job this season and last season, we have to remember that he was in Hershey a lot longer than Andre was, giving him more time to work on his game. I think because of this, he’s doing very well. I think if Andre had spent a little more time in Hershey instead almost immediately being called up by the caps, we might see a different player.

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His most glaring weakness is his strength/toughness on the puck, which is something he can still grow into. He's not as shifty as guys like Vrana or Kuzy, so he absolutely needs that extra toughness around defenders to be a better offensive player.Give him time❤️

I agree he needs to work on strength and toughness, but at this point he’s a 3rd year pro and has a cap hit of over 1 mill per year. I understand he’s been injured a couple times in the past year or so, but at this point he should be playing a better game than he is. Looks at players like Djoos or Vrana. They’re still rookies and they’re playing much better than Andre is.

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Imo it's too early to deal Bura away (unless we're talking a 1 for 1 change of scenery with a comparable young offensive player). Otherwise, I'm ok with having him on the 3rd for some occasionally big goals. He doesn't stick out negatively on defense, so I'd say he's at least doing a fairly good job

I know GMBM was saying if the caps do anything before the trade deadline it would be 1 for 1. It’s not 100% that Burky would be the one to go anyways. It’s just if we’re looking to trade and get something good in return, he would probably be up for grabs because of his value. I would be fine even if the caps didn’t trade anyone and we just went by the trade deadline like it was another day.

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So many people hate Andre right now.. How do you feel about that? I remember you told us he's become little bit cocky but still i feel sorry for him. He doesn't deserve this. Everyone struggles. Hope he'll stay in Washington.

Ok this might be kinda long so get ready. People have to understand that hockey is not only a sport, but a business. That being said, you want to have the best players you can given the salary cap. When Andre got his new contract, he was playing well and we all had high expectations given the contract and salary hit. Of course players are gonna have slumps or they’re gonna get injured, that’s the nature of the game. But Andre has struggled for awhile now. Believe I love Andre. I think he is a great player and he’s a really sweet guy. He doesn’t deserve any of this hate that he’s getting. But part of being a professional hockey player is the fact that everything they do is under a microscope and they’re gonna get criticized about things they do. I think Burky and possible Bowey are up on the trading block honestly. They’ve both played alright this season, but have been scratched several times and just aren’t playing at the level that the team need them to be at. We’ll have to see what happens. I would hate to see either of them leave, but I wish them all the best if they do .

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