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" REALITY is what we take to be TRUE.
What we take to be TRUE is what we BELIEVE.
What we BELIEVE is based upon our PERCEPTIONS.
What we PERCEIVE depends upon what we LOOK FOR.
What we LOOK FOR depends upon what we THINK.
What we THINK depends upon what we PERCEIVE.
What we PERCEIVE determines what we BELIEVE.
What we BELIEVE determines what we take to be TRUE.
What we take to be TRUE is our REALITY. "
💫 Gary zukav

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who are you?

" I am a woman's woman and a faithful friend.
I won't run off with your man.
I won't hate you because you're beautiful.
I won't put you down.
I'll tell you there's lipstick on your teeth.
I'll celebrate your success as my own.
I'll keep your secrets.
I'll fiercely defend you.
I'll laugh with you and cry with you.
I'll tell you hard truths in love.
I'll listen to your rants and you tell the same stories over and over again.
I choose my friends carefully.
And if I choose you, I will love you like a sister. "
🌹Beauty within.

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