10 facts about me!

Nasi goreng:
1) A very very good friend, selalu mau denger cerita2 aneh2 gue yang ga abis2 itu bahaha
2) Kadang agak tertutup tapi, suka malu dan gaenak kalo mau cerita
3) Pencinta cookies and cream, gue gaperna ketemu orang sesuka itu sama cookies and cream bahahaha. She likes everything from ice cream, cake, crepes, you name it.
4) Super rajin and is serious in getting more knowledge. Very cool eh!
5) Has a unique, pretty name. Our dear English teacher used to call her "Star" HAHAHAHA.
6) Has a sense of humor that matches mine. We can laugh at all sorts of things together.
7) On the other side, she's quite mature and independent ;) We can talk about serious things comfortably.
8) Has a very smooth and silky hair, which she claims by using Dove shampoo :3
9) And no, she's not a Dove salesperson.
10) 我很美丽的好朋友<3 加油中国nu生!!! 我不知道怎么写nu在这儿哈哈哈哈哈。我爱你西西西西。

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