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Can you go away from someone you love?

I think when you love someone, they'll always have that special place in our hearts no matter how far apart they are. Even if they aren't together and miles apart, it doesn't matter. Because if you truly love someone, you can never forget them. Both may move on and go away from each other but they'll always have that place in our heart no matter what.

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Have you regretted of your kindness?

Every single time.
I don't know why is it so hard for people to appreciate others. If they're making an effort going out of their comfort zone, the least you could do is appreciate them. If someone is kind enough, helps you or does little things for you, be kind enough to thank them. If you don't, you'll make the person upset. If someone is kind just be a little appreciative towards them. Otherwise they'll regret their kindness for a lifetime. And just because of you they might not be behaving kindly towards others just because they know they won't ever be appreciated so what's the point of being kind if you're not being appreciated at all?. Your parents have definitely raised you better than this.

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Do you regret losing them? How are you coping?

I regret every bit of it. Because I was the one who left and now I want genuinely want to rip apart my hair for leaving.
Honestly, it's hard to move on from the person you truly love. And I believe that true love always comes back but in my case, it's a totally different situation because I know they can never come back. I try to keep myself busy but it doesn't help at all. I hate myself because I left them. But this is life and everyone is going through a phase. I hope there's something better waiting for me.
But I can never forgive myself to leave a soul that was pure asf.

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What is your main rule?

Don't leave anyone hanging around. If someone doesn't behave with you the way you want to, doesn't mean you have the right to leave them right there and then. Stay. Try to understand them. Try to open them up. Try to ask about their behaviour. So my point is, never leave anyone, friends,family boyfriends/girlfriends or anyone in that case. Talk to them. In short, the main rule is Communication. Communication is really important.

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