Ask @awildnadia:


Are girls with curly hair and bangs cute?

Tbh it's not about the hair style it just depends on the person. Some people just don't look good in certain hairstyles, which is a hard thing for people to accept. 🤷 Not tryna call anyone ugly, it's just some people need to find things that look good on them. And not just try wearing things because it's 'popular' like fr there's better things out there 🙄 Sorry for ranting lol. I'm just having a moment 😂

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Did your freshmen year suck? Mine did; I was labeled, bullied, ignored by teachers, threatened and had straight F’s. Along with the abundant amount of cyber harassment. Now I’m a senior at a different school getting straight A’s. My advice to freshmen: make friends, don’t rely on teachers for help

That sucks 😔
But it's true the teachers and faculty staff don't help at all. Like sure they give them a stern talking to maybe not even, but they often just leave it at that and hope it stops. It sucks since I found that out the hard way.

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