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Okay you wanted nsfw questions. Have you ever considered posting nsfw pics of yourself online?

Yes I have.
That's a tricky concept because at the same time, I deeply admire women who post nudes, sexy cosplay and/or whatever kind of NSFW content they want online. It's empowering and inspiring.
On the other hand, it terrifies me to think people would judge and mock my body and my looks, leak the pics to my family or consider me less of a professional for that.

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Have you ever considered polyamory? Would you consider it if a partner were interested in a more open relationship?

Yes! I've actually been i? A polyamorous relationship (more than once). I have full respect for it and admiration for people who can pull it off, but at this stage of my life I think I can only handle commitment to one person (my BF, that is xD).
And yes for the second question as well! Actually BF and I do have an open relationship! 💖

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