Ask @ayeebillaay:

my best friend cheated on his girlfriend with me (I'm a guy too) , what do I do?

Wow I have never heard of that happening until now.. LOL
Depends, how long were they together? Anyways, my best bet is to still be cautious with him. You have a choice to either break it off knowing he might do the same to you or stick to the relationship and hope for the best. I know that's a pretty fucked up thing to say in a relationship, but cheating is still practically cheating. A relationship is built upon trust and if a person decides to break that trust by cheating, then who knows what else can happen? You're practically destroying their trust AND their thoughts on what love is.

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Where is that fountain of youth place?! I would really love to bring my boyfriend their for our 6 month anniversary!

It wasn't really the fountain of youth, but actually a random fountain at a planetarium.. I feel hella bad now cause you weren't the only person to ask me this.. LOL IM SORRY )): BUT HAPPY EARLY/BELATED ANNIVERSARY TO YOU TWOO AND I WISH YOU GUYS A HAPPY LIFE<33

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