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So why did you & val break up

She had nothing to do with it, i asked for the break. Wasn't treating her the way she deserved.

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Because someone finds you attractive. Therefore are you or not? they need to know if they should back off.

Ok well tell that someone to ask me and ill tell her👌

Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

Spontaneously. When your attitude toward the world is a mixture of Fuck it and giving a fuck it tends to be preety good.
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Aye b you know if erins seeing anyone? I'm really digging her and People say your best friends so help me out man?

Ur an idiot

that's sweet. she needs a friend like you cuz Idk I thinks goin thru a tough time right now but she means a lot to me so it's nice to know she has a friend liked you

Thx for reminding me of what ive been missing. ^?^

Do u see u nd erin not that close anymore? Its weird not seeing u guys even smile at each other anymore damm

Yea it hurts. But no matter what she will always be my bubba. And she knows that im here for her no matter what.


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