Ask @ayeitssyd:

Whats something people support that you dont?

Getting rid of the Women's Heath clinic (aka the "abortion" clinic) because I know that people have killed for opening them in the past and I'm glad that SOMEONE is providing a place for women to seek something that they have been given the right to have access to per Roe V. Wade. While I would never personally get an abortion, I believe that we should allow women ultimate choice over their own bodies.

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how do you feel about all this blink drama going on?

I've posted about it a lot in the past two days. I'm obviously absolutely heartbroken… but the truth is that I'm not *that* upset with the band not being the same or breaking up or whatever is going to happen as a result of Tom's decision. What really kills me is knowing that there's no real possibility of Tom and Mark mending their relationship and being best friends again like they were pre-box car. If I could have anything in the world, I would choose their friendship over a new album.
I am extremely confused about Tom's posts though and I think he owes the fans a REAL explanation… I also really think that the three of them need to get together and really let it all out, which is something they OBVIOUSLY didn't do when the band got back together after Travis' plane crash. They just tip toed around it and tried to pretend like their fight never happened, I think that's shown throughout the past five or six years.
Ultimately, I refuse to turn on Tom OR Mark through this, so you will not see me pick sides. They mean everything to me and I owe them my life because I honestly don't think that I'd be here without them… I want both of them to be happy and if Tom isn't happy in blink and doesn't think he's reaching his full potential, that's fine. I will be looking forward to future AVA projects as well as NothingXnobody from Mark…. but I wish he would just be honest. I think the fans (as well as Mark and Travis) deserve that.

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