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What would you like to see mankind achieve within your lifetime?

the answer to the meaning of life, so that i can live meaningfully

well you should sell your house because you already have a home in my heart.

hehe well aren't you just a charmer

how are you today? :)

destroyed the calc final and ended up with an a in chem. yuy.
jk idk how i did in calc.. i just thought it was easy but i probably failed and have an 88% lmao fml OTLtoLTOSDKLGH

<3 Thanks for being so nice and socially open -Anony-mouse

people think im nice omg im kind of touched ty & ur welcome <3

Why don't you go to bed so that you do well on your test tomorrow?

im vigorously copying chem take-homefinal answers while answering these questions so i can't sleep just yet :\

KBBQ vs In-n-Out?

if we're going to shet kbbq like goyang/furusatos then in-n-out
actually it just depends on my mood
i dont like ayce kbbq

I don't know.. Finals are killing me. So I'm pretty much relieving my stress by asking you weird things

aw thanks its kind of like a lose-lose

You made me feel tingly when you groped me. Take responsibility! Like A MAN!

responsibility? like do u want me to stop? cus ok.


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