Ask @ayeshaakhter:

With lots of love and duas Happy birthday khoobsurat insan ❤❤❤ been following you from a long time and honestly I adore you for how Positive and sweet you are Ayesha x humesha humesha humesha hansti muskurati rahen. ALLAH ap ky liye dunya aur akhirat ki asanian karen.. 🥀❤

Thank you so much, my love. Ameen. This is so sweet jaaneman. ❤❤You've been following me for so long and you never talked to me, why? Thank you again for such a beautiful wish, much love and duas always for you. 🌹

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Hi Ayesha. Hope you're doing as great as you are yourself. Happy birthday to you. Stay happy for the day and the rest of your life, keep spreading the positivity like you always do and slay like the queen you are🌸Happy Birthday again tiger ❤️🎂🌸

Thank you so much for such kind words. Sweetest wish ever ❤
Stay amazing and blessed always! x

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Happiest birthday to you Ayesha 🌸 You remember few years ago when you asked for a video wish? Well I tried to do it again but guess what? My camera started malfunctioning 😂 May God bless you with all your heartiest desires. Stay blessed and keep smiling (:

Hahaha yes I remember, its completely fine. Thank you so much for such a sweet wish. Stay the same amazing, kind hearted person you are and talk to me more❤

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