Ask @ayeshaakhter:

Why do bad things have to happen to good people?

Finding positivity in loss and hardship is very very hard but always remember these 3 things.
1. Allah gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.
2. Allah never burdens a soul beyond what they can bear.
3. “Allah never takes something away from you except that He gives you something in return. And the best thing Allah can give you when He takes something away from you is Himself.”

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According to you, what is the most wrong/worse thing happening in the world right now?

Islamophobia, hatred and racism. It's absolutely sickening that all this is happening when the whole world is going through a pandemic. Can't we just all be there for each other and support each other instead of bringing people down?????

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What is the secret of happy relationship?

- Respect each other.
- Don't let jealousy in. Don't try to change each other.
- Give each other space when they need it.
- Trust each other.
- Be thoughtful, honest and supportive.
- Always talk things out to fix problems. Don't let your significant other ever sleep feeling sad. Don't be afraid to ever accept your mistake and say sorry when you need to.

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Random thought on extramarital affairs?🏇

Abdul Wahab Ch ❤
An extramarital affair is not about love. The only thing an affair is about is pure selfishness. True love and commitment takes years to build upon together and a countless number of sacrifices. Putting your marriage, innocent children and entire families into any form of emotional pain just for your own few minutes of sexual satisfaction and selfish needs is NOT LOVE!!

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