Ask @ayeshaakhter:

How much energy do you spend trying to impress others? Does it bother you when people like you because they think you have qualities you don't actually have?

I don't spend any energy in trying to impress other people by being someone I'm not. Honestly, I'm the same person in real life that I portray myself to be on this website. I am who I am and I simply don't mind if someone doesn't like me. I don't live to please other people.

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Pakeezah Khan
Let girls follow their dreams of becoming successful instead of breaking their will to succeed. Let them study, let them pursue whatever career their passion lies in. I strongly feel that a girl should be empowered before she gets married. Marriage will happen when the time is right, but most importantly the girl should be empowered. She should have her own source of income, so she wouldn't need to depend on her husband for everything.

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