Ask @ayeshadaar:

What accidents have happened to you lately?

Just noticed that some girls have been stalking me by making fake accounts because their so called boyfriends who ain't no good for them, are behind me for no reason. i mean seriously? is this how you're brought up? come on ladies, muster up some courage and give up on your insecurities . these insecurities are gonna lead you really wrong. please up in to your pyaar mohabat and think straight.

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Do u believe in love at first sight ?

Rehan خان
Nay, I don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe there may be very strong attractions at first sight that could lead to love, but the truth is.. love cannot happen that quickly. I believe love at first sight is just a combination of several attractive qualities, looks, the right personality fit, similar likes and dislikes, and similar life styles. Love is based on shared experiences and takes time to grow.

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