Ask @ayeshadaar:

tell us about something that has inspired you once in a while? it could be any art. person. thing or even a incident that took place and changed you life.

I have never been inspired by anything in my life. Almost never. Except for one person, my mentor, guide, bestfriend, everything. She has such a difficult life it seems as if she's like a cycle in between of two huge loader trucks but still manages to make way out of it. It's because of her that no matter how dumb I am, she always has my back and never lets me fall in this cruel world of filthy people. She has given me support when I didn't even ask for it. The way she handles everything and every single person, her sincerity and the amount of love she showers upon everyone is what inspires me. Everything about her inspires me to the most.

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What should we do when some body decive you, and you dont belive that it can be possible becuz it may be rumor, you trust that person and who love you more than you

Are you this much innocent to believe anybody who is getting bashed by everyone because of his kutta kartootz. :) and Everyone has this kinda thing in the heart that doesn't let you believe anything against your beloved.

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What should I do I feel numb all the time

It happens when you don't want to give notice to something, that you don't want to feel anymore. You're too afraid to feel the emotions that made you weak, that made you depressed. You're the only one who can truly answer why you feel so numb all the time. We have our own experiences, and pain can make us truly numb after moving on.

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How will I be enough for him

Am I a love guru or what? Anyway that depends on the guy, what sort of a person he is? If he's an asshole no matter what you do he's never going to appreciate you. You need to know the guy's mentality in order to make him fall for you. Ab ye nah puchna how to know his mentality. You're the one into him you shoud know this. Lastly don't waste your feelings on an asshole if he is one.

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