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One of the best thing about life is, it keeps changing. Nothing stay permanent. Nothing stay at the position where it is not.
Just like that if it change, change yourself accordingly and you'll understand the meaning of it. Stay positive and determined. Set your goals and keep working on it. In every hard time believe that ALLAH is watching you and He's with you. Nothing can stop you if you do this.✨

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Maham Amir
I don't actually know what is wrong with people now a days. They love the one who hurt them and hurt the one who love them. If we just accept people as they are the way they talk and do things for them/us life might be a bit easy. Look no one is perfect, and it's not necessary that whatever we like will be ours. We need to just accept some reality in our lives. We need to accept that no one is perfect and we need to accept that things will fall apart. As far as you believe ALLAH, and as far as you can spread happiness and love people do that. This world needs love, peace and happiness.:)

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