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What’s been your biggest mistake so far in life and what did you learn from it?

AR Mehr
Yhi k there were days when I thought that I can't do anything.. I can't become what I want.. I can't talk to any person confidently.. I can't control myself from bad things.. I can't say No for the things I don't wanna bother.. I can't change my behaviour from worst to sensible.. N I can't become a positive person who's mind is fresh either she gets up in the morning or coming back from Uni or facing tough days of her life.. My biggest wish was just to be Happy.. Literally literally I just wanted to be happy in every situation.. And Alhumdulillah today I am the one I wanted to be.. ❤️💫

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What do you want?✨

Me ye chahti hun k Allah hmin kbi b esa insan na bnae jo dusrun k dukh na smjh sake, jis m ehsaas na ho, jo feelings and emotions khtm hony ki waja s social animal s animal bn jaee. Aur ye k halaat kese bhi hun Allah hamara saath na chore kbi bhi.. Aur ye k Koi Acha h ya bura h, theek krta h ya glat.. kisi k saath b bura na ho sb k sth Acha ho..🙃
>Hazaarun khawahishin esi k har khawahhish p dum nikly,
Bohat nikly mere armaan
Magaar phir bhi km nikly< 😊

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