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Ek boy ap ko cheat kr ra ap k samny dousri girls sy close ho ra or ap ko ye b keh ra shadi tum sy hi krun ga tu kya krna chaiya

Kehne se kr nhi lega shadi. If he’s cheating on you cut ties with him. Pity yourself before someone else pities you.
Read that again.
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Yar how to build your confidence? I mean, I'm at that level where i can't even talk to same gender. I feel like ppl will laugh at me.

You’re asking an introvert and ehsas e kamtari ka shikar to how to build confidence.
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Bhag jana kesa hy ghar se? jis ghar mei apko value na di jaye? toxic mahol ho? And you are independent financially.?

Depends on kiska ghar you’re talking about.
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