Thoughts on the suspension of your former lemondogs teammate, Mithy and Nukeduck?

It's been made quite obvious that Riot doesn't appreciate bad behaviour especially by the players they promote and pay. Riot is our employer, simple as that, and you have to follow the companies rule. It's logical that if you spit in the boss' face, you get fired.
Those two players were always quite immature and stubborn. They need a cold brick of reality in the face to wake up, break their mindset and start actually adapting to whats expected from them. Apparently temp,perm bans and even $500 fines didn't do that job.
Rather than reforming into whats better for their careers and a positive influence in our community, they were always walking as close to the edge as possible without falling over, staying toxic while trying to avoid punishment. It's like a criminal gets caught for breaking in a house, but instead of reforming into a productive member of society he just tries to avoid security alarms in the future. Then sometime the criminal gets caught again and is thrown in jail.
Now that they're banned, they might have regrets, and it could be that cold brick of reality they needed. But it might not be. Hopefully they'll finally realize they aren't only ruining other's game experience but also their own careers and opportunities by letting their emotions run amok.
I just hope toxic players finally get their shit together so we can stop wasting talent in our region.

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