Yes and no. I agree that in 4.10 the BT dominance is over and with it, lucian's massive priority in competitive play.
But he's wrong in thinking IE rush is the hands down best choice right now. First, lets compare powerspikes of paths:
IE rush buildpath has two powerspikes in the game. First, the BF sword base at 1550g. Secondly, you finish your 2x dorans, statikk shiv and zerks at 8180g, which is very far down the road. After that, you start scaling up. This means there's a lot of time in between the IE rush buildpath's powerspikes.
BoRK rush first powerspike comes at 4080g, with two dorans. Assuming even lane, until the IE rusher gets his 8180 gold, the BORK user is stronger. Assuming a GPM of 330 - 350 which is pretty common in solo queue early play without it being a bloodbath, you are stronger than the IE player for roughly 12 minutes. Thats a very long time in which you can win 2v2s, take towers and dragons and roam around.
About the BF powerspike IE users have I mentioned earlier: The time window of this powerspike depends on how the lane goes. If both players base before 1550g, the BORK user has the advantage since he can rush more dorans and longswords, and theres not enough gold for BF. The only time the BF is a big powerspike is if the first base is 1550g+ and the bork user buys a cutlass. If it's not, the time window is very small. Try to always force bases that suit your item path vs theirs!!! (very importanterino)
So thats about it for the item changes.
-BoRK beats IE rush, Iedge into statikk is strong but has big weakness early.
-Essence reaver is bad please dont buy
-twitch / vayne should get BoRK into ghostblade and be gods
-kog can go bork triforce and be monstrous early
-Lucian goes cutlass / triforce into bork / ghostblade / iedge, is a lot weaker early because he cannot build a BT but his lategame is almost unaffected.
-Cait, try to bully your enemy as much as possible to facilitate your weakness between powerspikes.
-Graves is bad now, rip BT
-Draven can go IE -> ghostblade but its weaker than his BT rush so his powerspike is later.
-Jinx is bad now, rip BT. can maybe build iedge but get bullied super hard early, needs laneswap
-Ezreal wtf anyone plays this hero?

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