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el enchufe.
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You're so pretty! Happy new year's!:D wish we could be friend.:) Haha.

Aw, I'm super late. Thank you.

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Have you ever had a friendship that ended for of a stupid reason? What was that reason?


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Which prediction of "The Simpsons" will become true next?

hopefully they make a episode where the world ends and it comes true because i am 100% done with this life of mine.

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Do you agree that good things come to those who wait?


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Do you have an insta for rp?


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who are people who know you best


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@RRVR_ is echt lelijke dikke hoer 😂😂😂


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Heyy, you're so beautiful !!

Star trails

thnx fam

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volg @Nigel_jw voor me ❤❤


idk what language this is

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song to fit your mood ?

what now. // rihanna

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what's your snapchat ?


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i'm crying lmao

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Are you living your dream?

my dream is to die like rn lmao

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do you have a fb used for rp?

Would you talk/befriend or take an initiative to become friends with a stranger who wants to be friends with you? :$


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Where the happiness can be found?

lmfao idk

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r u single or taken ?

Imagine that world stands still for 24 hours, you are the only one able to move. What would you do?

steal a car, drive somewhere, take care of some shit.

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How to raise your self-confidence?

i wouldn't know i legit hate myself soon commit sue of side

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relationship status ?

in need of marijuana

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who on polyvore are you talking to rn?

stop asking me poly questions, this is not what this is for.

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question of the day: what color is your ask?

pinto bean.

purple finna be gray

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About el enchufe.:

i will give you $20 to shoot me right in the fucking head. serious inquires only, hmu.