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eyebrows on fleek

FOLLOW @JasmineGang or he will rape me

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You should call the cops on him!

i think my mom is going too. i told her about him

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How do u communicate with him?

his kik is : ruffles and hes messaging me telling me all this shit. xc

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:'( do you know him irl?

he told me my address :'(

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why are you saying that stuff to jasmine gang??? so confused

he told me hes gonna rape me if i dont xc

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wait, what happened to your other account??

Some guy named jasmine gang i think hacked it, and im trying to get it back :'(

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I know how to hack it back so you can get it back without anyone hacking it again


can you help me please?!?!

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What was your main account?

this is my main account until i get my other one back. get @JasmineGang to 1k likes and hell give it back!!! so please everyone cx

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pay some nerd to hack it back and give it to you, then ask the nerd how to keep it from getting hacked again. I had to do this with my Instagram of 28k on it, and then he took down all their social networks for 45$

they said that they will swat me :'(

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you said you got your account backtracked though?

idk what that means. idek know how they got it xc i just want it back

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the people running you're main acc are makeing you look like an asshole

omg i know they told me they'll give it back if everyone likes @JasmineGang

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are you going to get your account back?

yeah only if you follow @JasmineGang and get 1k followers

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A girls body isn't everything Her eyes aren't far apart she is so pretty I would want to be her! So you can shut up thanks bye

na my body is everything
i'm dumb asf tbh and my vocabulary is only 100 words or something...

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Of coarse

Of course* -.-

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hey can I ask you for ah favor lol ? Please

Sexual Healing...

blow jobs?

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Would u honestly want anal from jordan? and which jordan?

Bells I just wanted to ask you , if possible can we have sex

yea maybe

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Hahah you're fucking hilarious


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You want jordan too fuck you rn

anal pls

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Mhm k ily lol

do you not get the hint that you got a bb penis

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Ha Kk ATLEAST u answered my questions beautiful

stfu baby dick

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Bells watcha #? Hmu bb

naaa bb dick

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Izzy is _____ (recent)


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You are literally the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!

thanks bb

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