Ask @BabaSalam:

What are some things that make you really happy?

I see myself really happy when I'm able to clear the tasks on my to-do list.
My to-do list usually contains the things that make me happy. These include saying 'I love you to my wife and kids every day'. It also include making someone's day every day (he could be a friend or a stranger). Checking that I've prayed 5 times, at the end of the day is default. These are three for now...

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But then...i dont know which path i shuld take....when i was in my primaryhood days,i wish ed that i want to become and ustaz and join al azhar,but then when these voices started to disturb me,i feel that my dream is over.and till now,my life has not been that peaceful,i wish i could turn back time.

It's not too late to chase after your dream. Provided your intentions behind it are genuine and sincere. For instance, why do you want to be an Ustaz? Likewise, of you wanted to be a designer, why would you wan to be one? Regarding the voices, make sure you read the Qur'an everyday. Take your prayers seriously. Recite what I told you in the earlier response. If you continue to be disturbed, seek a professional help from righteous spiritual healers. One thing for sure, it's not too late to do what you're aspired to, Insha Allah

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The irony thing is that im from a madrasah background,and ustaz,do you have any ways of overcoming over-thinking?

Coming from Madrasah background doesn't make us angels. Also, 'overthinking' is used to imply negative. Instead, why don't you say you're a 'critical thinker'? Please don't stop thinking. But ensure you think to offer solutions to problems. Translate your thoughts into actions, by doing something that will transform your life and benefit your loved once and the community at large. Think of a project... think about it critically and start implementation. Just don't stop thinking!

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Salam ustaz,i dont know why but for the past few years ive been having overthinking about things which i shouldnt have been think about,and,also,theres this 'voices' in my head saying nasty things about Allah(nauzubillah)but in reality,it was not me who said such now lost ustaz...

It's good that you know,that you're not the one who says those nasty things. It happens to most of us, if not all of us. To counter attack that, Islam teaches us to constantly make 'audhu billah min asshaitan arrajim" as well as 'istighfar...' Also recite ayatul kursi whenever these thoughts comes about. Insha Allah you will be fine. Just ensure you don't act upon any instruction from these voices. I'm sure you're punctual in your prayers. But I'll say give it more priority. Stay blessed!

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