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There's sometime in life,you really should move on and change your personality change every single thing that bothers you. Face your weakness and the fear ofthe negativity in your mind that tell you: I can't do this or that because of my materiel status or because you don't fit in there with them.
Know who you are and what you really worth, we should know our promoting morals and give everyone a limits that no one can cross it no matter what.
This is the great time to look up and tell yourself I'm gonna go through it all and prove to myself that I was wrong all those time.
Theres sometime in lifeyou really should move on and change your personality

لاماعليك كم الباقي ??

ggiop110’s Profile Photoالعندليب
لاخلاص زعلت.
+1 answer in: “*.عندك 90 سمكة غرق منها 50* *كم بقي لديك = ؟؟؟* *قاعد تحسب هاه ‹☺› "* *الله يقلع الجوالات* *خربت عقولكم* *عمرك شفت سمك يغرق :|* *اطلع اطلع فضحتنا* *‹☺›* *☻*?*??”


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