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Can you keep real ?

All the time all day and everyday I’m not gonna hurt anyone by lying or being unreal I would just do the favor of always being honest no matter how hard that may be under certain circumstances

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👃 What is your favorite scent?

Anything fruity or that has a sexy lingering smell if that makes sense

How to find love when we live in hookup culture?

You just keep on focusing on you and your goals and be open to meeting new acquaintances in the mist and u might just find your perfect soul mate who wants the same thing you do

Hey!!! What do you think about classical music?

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I listen to classic Beethoven and Mozart are great I listen to all sorts of music

If you could live forever, would you want to?

Yes but no i say yes because itll give me longer time to try to make a difference but i say no because i want to leave earth and watch over my children and my grandchildren

Why do some people enjoy life and others don’t?

Maybe its because some people have different attitudes then others or it could be some people go through life more smoother then others but i feel like everyone should enjoy it no matter what cuz life isnt unlimited u should enjoy it while ur here and stop making others days on earth more harder and focus on urself and ur family

Do you believe in aliens?

Yes and no because the only reason i say no is because ive never seen aliens before and i say yes because just because i never seen doesnt mean they dont exist

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