Ask @babyxiumin:

Where do you usually shop for ladies wallet? Also where can we buy affordable facial essence? I heard essence better than serum tho they are the same? Where and what kind of brand u offer?

my wallet is from kate spade!! i find the designs they have very simple and classy? hahahha & i go to a beautician so my facial products are from there but i like to use benefit products!

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Hello! Do you mind if I ask you a question about your fansupport? Did you have to take any sort of permission/approval from the organizer? >.<

as long as its not a stadium wide fansupport then i guess not? because the previous concerts other than the stadium wide ones, fans just gave their own fansupport out freely

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Hey:) do you think Q no. <500 can have a chance of being front row at extended stage Pen B? :)) because last time I had 800 Pen C and can but this time my first time go Pen B

depends on ur ability to move around i guess!!! but i guess u can!! cause pen c is the most popular one compared to a & b so maybe they'll be a chance of lesser people in pen b

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