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Lawyers who attacked the doctors, burnt vehicles and killed people doesn't represent the complete profession. The doctors who unwilled to treat patients in COVID-19 doesn't represent the complete profession. The molvi who raped the kid in Mosque doesn't represent the complete religion. The cricketer who fixed the match doesn't represents the complete nation, similarly one individual doesn't represents the complete #Organization, wife of colonel doesn't represent the complete family environment of Army. Since video outbreak on social media, many of us has started targeting the organization, without investigating anything, Let's suppose she is colonel's wife, she has a Sick mentality but aren't you a sick mind who is dragging the complete institute without understanding and investigating? I am totally against the behaviour of that lady but dragging the complete organization is not bearable.
-REMEMBER; There Are Many Wives from the Soldier to the General who are #Widows for the Sake of this Country 🇵🇰 and Whose Children are #Orphans.
-Stay united
#PakistanZindabad 🇵🇰

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