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Does anyone remember that Pixar/Disney tried to trademark “The Day Of The Dead”? Like don’t watch Coco at all they are huge money grabbers and trying to trademark a holiday that has NOTHING to do with them is awful. Do you agree?


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What does “crush” mean in your own words?

a person that you like, a lot. but havent gotten the courage to talk to them, befriend them, or ask them out.

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I love him. Everyone thinks we are in relationship. He takes care me too much. But he loves other girl! What should I do :( I’m very unhappy when he talks to me about that girl!! But I cannot do anything

Who is this? and im sorry i know the feeling... it sucks. honestly does. if i were you i would talk to him about it, i know it seems scary, and that he might push you away, but talk to him about what you are thinking about <3 good luck. let me know how it goes

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Lúc nào cũng quan tâm thân thiết, thậm chí anh dường như biết là em thích anh. Nhưng anh lại càng thân với em hơn, mặc dù anh thích người khác! Anh đâu cần làm vậy?? Em phải làm sao với anh đây :(

Bạn là ai? (tôi không nói ngôn ngữ của bạn nhưng tôi đã sử dụng google để dịch) và tôi không chính xác chắc chắn làm thế nào để đáp ứng với tin nhắn của bạn ... xin lỗi
Who are you? (i don't speak your language but i used google to translate) and I'm not exactly sure how to respond to your message... sorry

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Y’all should ask me something 🤔 also it’s really surprising to me that this app is still alive tbh. How long have you had it for?

hey, ive never seen you here, are you new on here? also i have had this account since July 18, 2015

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Does anyone start trying to play League Of Legends game? I’m at lv5 lul

if im going to be honest with you.... i have no idea what that is.... sorry

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