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Why? Are you afraid of getting hurt?

Nuriza Ahamad Thamizi
well, i'm letting go someone who kind enough for me. it's not because our relationship in trouble or what, he wants me to further my studies to the highest level. we broke up during spm, and now here i am in my last semester for my diploma hehe. i feel grateful even we broke up, we're still friend to each other.

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haish dh masuk week 13 and week 14 time tu jugak la belambak kerja nak submit. before2 this tkde plak nak kasi kerja. time2 last minute, saat2 akhir sem ni skali gus terus kasi. fuck!

currently week 14 and need to submit 3 assignment. harini dah submit satu and kena submit dua lagi this thursday. rip my sleep. but, goodluck on everything you do!

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Harini aku dapat tahu. Dia dah ada yang lain. Aku cuba untuk bertenang. Ya Allah, kenapa tak boleh. Aku tak boleh tipu perasaan aku. Sakitnya ya Tuhan. Apa aku kena buat ni 😭

hm, be strong my dear. try to busy yourself with something and inshaaAllah it will fade slowly. that's what i do as i want to move on from someone lol

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