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Hello, we may never talk on twitter, but from your tweets, you seem to be down. I may not know the whole story, but it seems awful that you mention you want to quit fandom D: Your otp tweets are amusing, interesting and i can feel your love for them. I hope you will cheer up and be happy again :)

Thank you for this sweet and concerned message ;~;
I believe the problem has been resolved tonight and I hope to be back on twitter soon, although I may take a short break just for other personal reasons.
I really do appreciate this message <3
I hope everything works out soon too :)

is that mai, yundorphin and bulbaeseok? the one who wrote dirt sexiu?

no? mai is weaving_truths
i don't know the others that you mentioned

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nooo, dont say sorry. i should be giving you my cat's firstborn rn bc you compiled the gloriousness of exo in those tags. butttttt~ how could do that to xm :((( he only got a few pages for his. we also need to bask in his gloriousness.

well their normal tags are FULL i just get picky about what i put in the best of tags :(
and i dont follow many minseok tumblrs sadly ;; i need to find some

you have a monthly bias??? hahahaha oohooo one more unbiased member left. but the only remaining member left is luhan.... waiiiit, those three, baek, kris, and luhan are pretty much the most popular members right? well, along with kai. but but but, you dont like them as bias? how? why?

the only ones i havent biased are kris, baek, and kyungsoo!!
omg no i dont have a monthly bias - jongdae was my bias for like 7 months pmsl. and i cant help who i like!!

JENN I seriously cannot with your best of sh, kai and yx tags >/////< i couldnt even get past the first page for kai T^T sexyyyy jongin is my secret sin.


Kris Baekhyun and Lu Han.

Luhan was my bias at one point in time too!
I think the last one is hard to guess because my friends say I secretly stan him

so tao, junmoney, xm, sh, and lay are out. i think you like soo bc he appears in most of your fics, same with the 2 jongbros~ OOOOH, so what about the galaxy boi, chanyeol, and baek? yes, i take guessing seriously XD the movies were great tbh. my family also watches it for christmas movie night~

hehe chanyeol was my bias last november~ but you're right about kris!! he was never my bias.
so kris and baek~ one more left!!

Hii.i never ask u before.haha.im always a silent reader.hehehe. BUT! i really want to ask u wether u know this one sexiu fic. Where the fic sehun is a prince and minseok is a poor rat people.im not familiar with fic terms, but is minseok a beta in that? I read it untill sehun refuse to eat together

Yes!! That fic is actually written for me by my darling friend mai :)
Minseok is an alpha! Minseok was a beggar on the streets who was picked up by the royal family and asked to marry the prince, Sehun (who is an omega), in order to promote relations with the common people of the nation~
It's actually not finished yet, Mai is busy with school at the moment

true, he is usually really reserve but when he gets on the playful mood, you can literally see how carefree he can get.


three members you have not biased? who are they? lemme guess (you can pretty see i love the guessing game) suho, tao, and baek? i love the BTTF trilogy too!

nope :)
tao was my first bias and joonmyun was my second!! keep guessing :)
and it was a pretty important movie to a family member of mine so that's why i have a special place for it in my heart

then xiuhunters because of xiuhun, then baektothefuture? you had baek as your bias? i thought it was either sh or xm tbh

baekhyun is one of the three members that i have not biased, actually. i chose it because it's a play on the movie back to the future!

ah yes, their lack of interaction is pretty sad but its great when they do cos you can totes see how minseok adores the maknae line and how the brats adore him too. (let's not forget the fact that he looks younger when he's with them and that's just so ironic)

yes ;;;; he dotes on sehun and the other members of the maknae line and i love it
i really love it when he gets playful with them

the nickname definitely suits you. why sleighlay tho? something about yixing?

yixing was my bias when i created my livejournal! and it was winter, too. i really don't have a good explanation for my lj name tbh

haha yes, i really find your posts generally humorous that's why i follow your accounts. lol i hope you dont find me creepy

i just find it amusing tbh
however, humorous is not a word i would use to describe myself haha

that's pretty sad tho. i feel like there is really a siginificant lack of sexiu shippers compared to other ships in exo. i really wonder why~

they don't interact much on screen which is sad because they were close predebut ;; i wish there were more shippers :(

i like how you get referred to as the xiuhun overlord cos that's somewhat totes true

whispers someone on tumblr gave me that nickname and it just sort of stuck omg

oh that, i read already. hoho i was thinking of a really long sexiu royal!au fic. im so excited for that (tho i pray you wont get distracted again and dump it on your wip folder *winkwink*)

unfortunately there aren't many long sexiu fics in general :(
i hope to change that :D
omg i probably will be distracted again orz

royal!au? really? there's a sexiu in that au? havent come across of one before too bad.

omg i wrote some in november - haha im guessing you're a new follower? i have a royal arranged marriage au for sexiu :)
and im also writing another royal arranged marriage for them!!

wow, i like your taste. you have a tumblr? what username do you use? i will stalk your best of __ tag :D

thank you! my tumblr is baektothefuture ^^
here's my best of sehun tag: http://baektothefuture.tumblr.com/tagged/best-of-sehun
jongin: http://baektothefuture.tumblr.com/tagged/best-of-jongin
yixing: http://baektothefuture.tumblr.com/tagged/best+of+yixing
just replace the name in the tag with the member you want. i need to update these tags actually ;; and follow more people on tumblr because i dont think soo or tao or minseok have a lot in their best of tags


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