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How does your behaviour change when you fall in love?

few days ago i thought about how i bought @aestheticsoap a keychain of kaminari denki from bnha as a present bcs he's her fave...or at least that's what i thought🙃 i ordered the keychain and the next day she came over to me and was like "kirishima eijirou is THAT babe".....and i just remembered all the hatred and frustration i felt at that exact moment towards her

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What pain is harder for you: physical or spiritual?

life update 5; after i got ruined by 'RomeoxJuliet', 'Kimi No Na Wa' decided to ruin me even more, 'Banana Fish' pushed me into deep depression and 'Fullmetal Alchemist' made me drown in after depression, 'Orange' came along the way and thought that i haven't cried enough yet and now 'The Seven Deadly Sins' tried to trick me into thinking that it won't get deep and emotional but i once again got my heart crushed

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