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Is anyone else in your year gay? How do people treat Sam Bunt at Knox? (I don't go there )

Um no one else that I am aware of. Sam is treated well I think, I am in his group and mates with him

ohh you just seemed crabby about the jenn thing. like you had a bad experience or something

Nah just really don't have much to say haha

ooh why no on jenn whipp??

If you really want an answer, don't know her very well, did community service at the same place... done xo

text the last 10 people you texted "hi my name isn't bailey". it'll confuse them and be hilarious

People were already confused when I sent them the first text haha ill pass on this one

Are Sam Bunt and Will Cole definitely gay? Cause that's what you just implied?

Hahah the person who asked that implied that, I went along with it... Sam Bunt is and as far as I am aware Will is not

Are sam bunt and will cole openly gay. What?

Hahaha Sam Bunt is, and Coley isn't gay as far as I am aware haha

are you gay like sam bunt and will cole (serious question no offence) :)

No i'm not, haha did it seem that way? (ah fuck) hahaha


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