Ask @baileyvalente:

Are you ever gonna put stuff on your website i loved looking at the items your purchase especially your outfits! I love how you put different pieces together!!! Please update asap! Maybe give a heads up on what the summer trends will bring also! Love ya

Thank you so much! I have zero time to update on my website. As soon as I graduate school I'll have a lot more time. Everyday is a 12 hour day for me. No days off but I promise once in graduated I will update! I can do mini updates on my Instagram and Twitter tho

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I need hair advice! I wear my hair natural everyday, it's super curly. When I got my hair cut a few years back, the woman cut my bottom layer way too short - so it curls up all frizzy. any advice on getting my hair to look longer even with this problem?

I have super straight hair so I'm prob not the best person to ask... Try taking a flat iron to the ends so they're a little more relaxed. It created more of a messy undone look.

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