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Girl crushes

Don't know have of then but fuck it
Mira Beaton , Breanna Moore , Diamond Rivers , Estelle Pickup , Carey Perry , Paulina Magliara , Aurora Newton , Tristan Murphy , Kaylee McKinnon , Rachel Muise , Brooke Miller , Kimberly Stubbard ,Morgan Meery , Victoria Macleod , Kayla Boutilier , Leslie Martell , Kelsie Gerrow , Madison Dairou , Kenzie Donovan, Emily Clarke , Paige Barry , Cori Hyisky , Shea MacDougall , Allie Syms , Grace Fahey , Brydan McNeil , Kenna Mackinnon , Julia MacInnis , Chelsey Lambert , Bailee Sullivan , Taylor Hoban , Halen Williams , Taylor Walters

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Who would you like to know better list 20

Julia MacInnis
Mattea Ashley
Kenzie Donovan
Kaylee Mackinnon
Alex Bedford
Alyssa Blackwood
Allie syms
Bethany mulo
Tristan Murphy
Brenna sheppard
Bria Ross
Britt sydney
Chelsey lambert
Court Mackinnon
Courtney Cameron
Emily Legere
Estelle pickup
Halen Williams
Holly Lewis
Jacklyn Campbell
Jeri billard
Jessica Boone
Katie Cameron
Kayley madden
Keelie Macphee
Kimberly Murphy
Kyla Murphy
Kailey orychock
Lizzie Morrison
Maddy Wadden
Madison Aucoin
Malia basque
Mira Beaton
Morgun meery
Nikita Campbell
Paige berry
Paige dupe
Renae Burke
Sam Aucoin
Sarah Anthony
Shea Macdougall
Stephanie Slipp
Taylor Hoban
Victoria Macleod
Zoe McLennon
This is more then 20 but anyone else who want to know me better I guess

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Tell us your life story

Okay back when I was 3 I was over my Nan's and I grabbed the kettle and burned my self so bad & then when I was 7 or 6 I got malested by bobby he took me right out of my yard then when I was 8 or 9 my grandfather passed away I was so closed to him I was so sad because he said he said he would make it to my first communion & he didnt put he was there watching me hes my angel & then when I was 10 I went to Florida with dream take flight & then at the age 11 had a eatting disorder & when I was 13 two days before my birthday actually my moms birthday my poppy hart passed away with cancer then 2 weeks later finds out my nanny hart got cancer & she lost all her hair so my life isn't that god & people wonder why I'm always a bitch that's why so much

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