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Ahmed Mostafa
My first translating ( short story ) 😂👇
who will hang the bell?! 🔔
Once upon a time there were a group of mice lives in a place .. that place was not good enough..but they were happy, jumping and playing one can bothers them. knowing that they were someone lives in.
Once that big beast(the cat) recognized that there is someone lives in here, he kept looking till he found those mice .. he started to hunt them in every chance he got! Day by day .. the mice decided to think in a solution..they wanted to solve this struggle .. they wont stay a live if he kept doing this. After bunch of opinions .. one of them come out with an idea ..which is putting a bell in the beast neck .. when it get closer to us we just run and hide. This idea gots everyones attention .. After clapping and celebrating with that idea, silence appears suddenly !!
And they said: "who will hang the bell? "
(قصة من يعلق الجرس)يحكى انه كان هناك مجموعة من الفئران تسكن في مكان مهجور تلعب وتقفز دون أن يزعجها أحد. وفي أحد الأيام استدل على مكانهم هى كبير واختار أن يقيم في نفس المكان ولكنه اكتشف وجود الفئران فأخذ يصطاد كل ما تصل إليه يده .بعد مدة اجتمعت الفئران لتفكر بحل لهذه المشكلة لأنها اذا استمرت ستقضي عليهم للأبد وبعد مشاورات قال كبيرهم مارايكم ان نعلق جرس في رقبة القط فاذا اقترب منا نسمع الصوت ونختبى .رحب الجميع بالفكرة وصفقوا ثم سكتوا فجاة وقالوا (لكن من سيعلق الجرس )
Correct any errors!! 😂✋

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