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What are some romantic/cool places in Sydney to bring someone for a date? Asking for a friend.

There is an Italian restaurant in Walsh Bay called Ventuno. You'd be dining a candlelit dinner overlooking the waters. It's quiet and has romantic themed music, and the service is great. Blown away when a guy brought me there. For drinks, Darlo Bar at Kings Cross has a nice rooftop bar with couches and heaters. It's again, quiet and cozy, especially if you get a small comfortable corner to yourselves.

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Sorry for the random question jo. Just seeking advice,.so a guy I'm sorta dating hasn't replied my last text for two days since he said he's sick! Should I still text to see if he's better or did I just got ghosted?

Hmm I would think if a guy is trying to ditch you he'd say he's busy/ don't have the time; not that he's sick? tell me what happens in the end I want to know how this love story ends

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