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What hobby do you wish you could pick up?

Singing or acting or playing the guitar... Something creative for sure

What are some romantic/cool places in Sydney to bring someone for a date? Asking for a friend.

There is an Italian restaurant in Walsh Bay called Ventuno. You'd be dining a candlelit dinner overlooking the waters. It's quiet and has romantic themed music, and the service is great. Blown away when a guy brought me there. For drinks, Darlo Bar at Kings Cross has a nice rooftop bar with couches and heaters. It's again, quiet and cozy, especially if you get a small comfortable corner to yourselves.

What would you do if you woke up and all the other people were gone?

Omg haha. Such a fun question. I would go straight to 7/11 and eat all the magnum espressos they have hehe

Do you think it is easy to still look fashionable for a reasonable cost?

For sure! I'm a Uni student on a Uni budget, and I'm saving up to go traveling, so my closet budget isn't great at all. It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it ;-)

What are your favourite colors when it comes to dressing up?

Right now, all shades of blues and blacks and Greys and khakis and white and reds and earthy tones woo. Wbu?

If you could have a role in any TV show, what would it be?

Rachel in Friends! So I get to kiss Joey and Ross and Chandler

Post a picture of your favorite outfit!

This denim on denim outfit by Manning Cartell. The flare jeans and fringe top = love ❤️
Post a picture of your favorite outfit

Hey Joanne, what do you look for in a guy?

Humor, personality and generosity (not just in terms of money, but having a big heart towards all humans and animals).

Do pick up lines work? Also - Sydney vs Melbourne. Who would win?

If the guy is cute, yes haha. Sydney for sure! Although at the rate Sydney's weather is going, I might as well be in Melbourne right now hey.

How do you prefer to travel?

With company. Even when I'm traveling solo, I'm always meeting up with friends, family, or people I met on Instagram. True story.

Havent seen you in awhile, have you gone into hibernation from all this cold weather(and rain)?

I'm still very much out and about, though likely hidden under angora turtlenecks and battled umbrellas :(

It's Saturday! What are you doing today?

Ahh I wish I could say I sailed on a million dollar yatch and got a nice tan. Instead I went for my driving lesson this morning and then helped clean the house haha at least I'm lucky enough to have a house to clean right?

Sorry for the random question jo. Just seeking advice,.so a guy I'm sorta dating hasn't replied my last text for two days since he said he's sick! Should I still text to see if he's better or did I just got ghosted?

Hmm I would think if a guy is trying to ditch you he'd say he's busy/ don't have the time; not that he's sick? tell me what happens in the end I want to know how this love story ends

If you're given a choice would you still date your exes? I wouldn't date my ex LOL.

Hmm interesting question... Really depends on the circumstances but at the moment... Very likely negatory!

Who is your most attractive friend?

Wow all my friends are beautiful but I would totally trade faces/bodies with Olivia Kenny, Jess Ng and Yan Yan haha

What is the weirdest thing you've heard somebody say?

"I want to sit on your face"... Like what? Why would anyone ever want to do that


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