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As we all know, the address for BTS fan letters and gifts is prohibited for visiting. I've never heard anything regarding to this, but is there any Big Hit/BTS related building where we CAN visit? Thank you!

BigHit has posted a notice about fan behavior and prohibited visiting, leaving gifts, vandalism, etc. You are only allowed to go to bangtan's public events, not loiter around their building.

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Hello!! Lets talk about the upcoming comeback, i always pre-order bts albums, but this time i want to buy them directly from (big) korean stores on the release date. Does it count to the chart? Or Is it based on the store?

Suci Putri Primadona
They'll count if you buy them from stores that count toward hanteo/gaon charts. You may look up what these stores are! This includes hottracks and synnara.

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Hi! I've already signed up for 4th Army membership since 2 months ago and modified my information on interpark, but there has been no updates of my ranking on the fancafe or the official shop. Do you happen to know what has happened or i need to furbish more information somewhere else? Thank you!

Hi, we weren't able to work on a translation for BigHit's notice about people who weren't levelled up, but please refer to this

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The error is "[32297] you have reached the maximum number of 5 registered devices.You can't play or download any video" It played ep2 well yesterday... I tried everything reinstalling the app...even changing the password...Switching the phone off and on again...What should I do?? Why is it happening

Arushi Gaur
We are sorry for the late response. Was this solved? Please submit a report to V LIVE if it hasn't. We are not familiiar with this error, sorry :( The simplest way is just do as it says. Limit the number of devices using the app. If there are 4 of you using it, tell your friends to log out if they have multiple devices. (Like, if we say 2 of you have 1 phone each, but the other 2 signed into a tablet and a phone, that'd make all the registered devices exceed 5.)

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I'm so sorry I keep asking questions😅. But even though we do not level up. Do we still receive our kits because we bought the membership? How long does it usually take to arrive? Thank you!

Valeria Quintero
Yes, you will still receive your kit. Joining the fancafe and leveling up is for you to enjoy the benefits of exclusive online content in the ARMY Room board. They're usually special photos, morning calls, special videos, etc.
It depends. BigHit hasn't even actually posted the details of the actual contents of the kit. After they post photos of the kit's contents, they will post when they will start shipping them. They use EMS, so it should take you less than a week to get them, but it still depends on where your location is.

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Hi guys! This is Neeve from the BTS Content Index ( I saw you were looking to start subbing again (amazing!) and I'd really love to help you out! I've got a lot of ideas on how to prioritise the vids you'd like to sub, DM me @BTScontentindex and lets chat!

BTS Content Index
Hello. Since it seems you were hoping to actually reach out to ABS and not us, the fanbase (we are separate teams, technically), we forwarded your concern to them. We are currently discussing on this. ABS will contact you if they are interested. Thanks!

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