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Do you support projects?

BTSIn Europe

Hi, it depends on what kind of projects and if we have the manpower to help! We usually discuss it with the team first.

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Hi, what happens if you did not level up? Can you still take it again? Until you pass? Thank you!! Much appreciated!

Valeria Quintero

Yes. You can retake multiple times. But make sure you've already seen your post in the return board before retrying. Check return board updates once or twice a week.

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I'm so sorry I keep asking questions😅. But even though we do not level up. Do we still receive our kits because we bought the membership? How long does it usually take to arrive? Thank you!

Valeria Quintero

Yes, you will still receive your kit. Joining the fancafe and leveling up is for you to enjoy the benefits of exclusive online content in the ARMY Room board. They're usually special photos, morning calls, special videos, etc.

It depends. BigHit hasn't even actually posted the details of the actual contents of the kit. After they post photos of the kit's contents, they will post when they will start shipping them. They use EMS, so it should take you less than a week to get them, but it still depends on where your location is.

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Hi, I can't find the links to stream the BBMAs on your Twitter account. Could please provide them? ^^

Alexandra Ribeiro

Hi, we retweeted BigHit's tweet about the official stream link for the BBMAs.

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is naver music and melon music same? thank you

Sachiko Yuuta

Nope. They're different.

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i already purchase the 4기. is it okay if i answer the questions after purchase? thank you

Sachiko Yuuta


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Hi guys! This is Neeve from the BTS Content Index ( I saw you were looking to start subbing again (amazing!) and I'd really love to help you out! I've got a lot of ideas on how to prioritise the vids you'd like to sub, DM me @BTScontentindex and lets chat!

BTS Content Index

Hello. Since it seems you were hoping to actually reach out to ABS and not us, the fanbase (we are separate teams, technically), we forwarded your concern to them. We are currently discussing on this. ABS will contact you if they are interested. Thanks!

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Hi, I saw on Twitter that the BTW fan mail address was going to change because they were moving. Do you know what the new address is? Or did they actually move? Thank You!

Valeria Quintero

They posted that they are moving and will update us about the fanmail address. They haven't posted about the new address yet!

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Hi, I recently purchased the bts 4th membership and it is my first time. My question is how does it level up? Do I have to do something? Is there a tutorial? Thank you!!

Valeria Quintero

We are posting a tutorial today! Sorry for the late response.

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Also is is true that we need to lvl up first in fancafe before we can purchase the 4기?


Yes. It is a necessary step for you to avail of the full benefits. We are posting a tutorial in a bit.

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Hi. Do you have any tutorials/guide on how to download songs on melon? Im using android and i dont have korean itunes account

Hello. Kindly visit our blog tutorials :)

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Hi! i want to ask about ID of BTS shop and Daum ID , they should be the same right (name) ?

Mimi Hope

Hi! Do you have an contact email or something? I wanna ask about your subtitles, we're a new account only for translations in Brazil, and we have so much desire to translate some contents and videos but is really dificult to found :/ so, we contact you on email to be more serious. Thank u!!!


We are not Army Base Subs. Kindly contact them through their account. Thanks!

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Hello. Do u know the estimated price for the 4th muster? Like how much were the other musters before? THANK YOU! :)

Yttrium 39

We answered this question before here:

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Hi, since BigHit moved, do you know the new address to send fan letters and gifts to BTS members??

Heather Martin

BigHit hasn't announced a new fanmail address.

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Hello admin-nim! I was just wondering if who's your bias? Sorry for asking 😓😊

ysa ♡

Check our last FAQ for a follower milestone event~

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Hello, do you have a full list of bts tv shows or other bts related videos that you have translated? I'm trying to watch more old bts videos! Thanks!


Hi, try checking BTS Content Index. They're an account who compiles links to BTS videos. :)

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Hi there I was wondering about sending out a gift to the and getting the Army to get involved with the gift once done and how to send it out the easy way to the Army in Korean and giving it to BTS? The gift should be done in late of June.

Jolie DeJohnette

Sorry... What did you mean by "getting the Army to get involved with the gift once done"? If you meant to ask their fanmail address, the address is on our blog.

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I didn't know how to contact y'all but BP Rania's Ttabo recently talked about her crush on Jungkook. I thought you guys would maybe post about it. 😊 Here's a link with Eng Subs:

Jieun ♡ 강지은

Thank you. We will try to find a better quality vid for sharing. :)

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Hi..I am so desperate now. How can i join BTS 4th army?????

verginiamarie macalisang

The registration details for ARMY 4th Term aren't out yet.

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Hi. I'm an ARMY. I just want to ask if ur looking for a staff for ur blog/twitter to make updates for bangtan. I can accept even an assistant staff. I just decided to serve, support and protect bangtan. Thank you 😇

a.m. chiong

Hi, sorry, but we recently had new hires, and we aren't planning on hiring anytime soon. We'll be posting on Twitter if we are!

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Hi. I remember you did a photo collection called ARMY Base 35K - BTS Official Photo Collection. I was wondering if you still did a collection after that? You know like oct 2015 to present?


Hi, yes, but we're not planning on releasing one since it took a lot of work to prepare and cross-check last time. T^T And we're currently really busy, so it may take a while before we hold something similar for a follower milestone event!

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Thank you much for your hard work!! If possible, will one of your translators do a transcript of this?? Im curious to know whats being said. TY again


Hi, sorry for the late response! We already posted transcripts for these videos. just search "kangnam from:bangtanitl" on Twitter and you'll find the thread. :)

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Hi , we wanted to send a cake for BTS's fourth anniversary from a famous bakery in Korea , which is famous for making cakes for kpop bands and companies but we wanted to know if there are certain rules for sending it? Should the cake be from a verified Fansite for big hit to accept it? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


There are rules in sending them food support. These are posted in the fancafe.

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