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Hi! I'm not sure if this is too bold of a move but if I would like to intern at BH, where and how should I contact them?


Sorry, we don't know. :/

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Hello ! Is there gonna be a concert tour in Canada ??

Angela Denise Dela Cruz

So far, there are no announcements yet.

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Hi I just want to ask if my itunes should still be set as Korea when buying streaming pass? I bought streaming pass using my local itunes (not korea) and it said i successfully bought it but i tried playing songs and its only 10 secs (basically not working) 😔😔😔

Roxanne Areta Alday

Yes, it should work if you buy with your local iTunes. Kindly check your profile/settings if it says you really have the pass. You should have the label of the pass you bought if you go to gear icon(settings)>내 정부>내 구매정부. Also, even if you don't have a pass, you should be able to play at least a minute of the song, not 10 seconds. So you might want to check your connection problems as well.

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Hi! I'm the @BTSContentIndex admin - we're an organised database of subbed BTS videos. Because your old youtube account was deleted we're missing a lot of Danger era 😓 I was wondering if you were considering re-uploading your old vids? You can DM me on twitter if you'd prefer to respond there ☺️

BTS Content Index

ABS team have started re-uploading them on their new channel. It'll probably be up in a week or so!

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Hello. Do you know someone who purchases melon stream pass in Philippines XD


Please check our pinned tweet. :) - 🌜

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hello! just wanted to clarify -- when we send fanmail, can we simple send it to the address? i know there are some stricter companies that require an email before sending the package. was just wondering if bighit is as strict or has a looser policy. :o thank you!!


According to BigHit's guidelines, yes. As long as you follow the format they gave.

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hi! I am planning of purchasing melon passes but I can't access my account (I think I reached the limit of entering the pw bec I can't remember it before) can u help me bring back my account again? Thank you so much 😭


Enter your ID here: After this, you'll be asked for your name and email. Please make sure they're similar to the ones you registered the account with (if it fails, try it with no spaces). Then, you should receive an email with a code to reset your password. Check spam if it's not in your inbox.

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Hello! I'm wondering if you could help to spread the links of eng subbed problematic men? it's just that there are some people subbing the show but no one seems to notice because the channels are new and small..


Where are these found?

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Hello! Do you think you ever may coordinate fan unions for individual members? I would be super interested in coordinating/leading one :)


Hi, we don't really hold such events since we aren't an event page but an updates one. Truthfully, bringing updates and translations take time and energy, we can't really work on anything else anymore since we also have school/work. There are other fan event pages that focus on member unions that you can look up. Sorry.

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Do you plan on having bday project for jhope .. i wish you would .... will you .. it hurts me everytime when hobie's bday army didnt do something as big as other members bday ... namjoonie bday too .. hmm


We are mainly focused on bringing updates and trans about BTS,not birthday events and such. There are member fanbases who organize these events. You may try to consult them!

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Hi! Sorry this might sound like a stupid question but are the people subbing getting paid or are you all doing this for free? Anyway I really appreciate your hard work, keep it up :)

Agust D || Panbang

Nope. All these are voluntary and are purely passion- and commitment-driven. I think all fanbases are also fueled the same way. We just do our best to balance fanbase work with our real-life responsibilities. As a team, we fill each other's gaps when the others aren't free to update/trans. :) Thanks for appreciating our work! - 🌜

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Annyeonghaseo! I know this is really sudden and weird but I kind of need advice. I want to purchase the Bts vlive ch+ service somehow but the country I am from doesn't have online paying services so I can't find a way to link the two. I am desperate so if you perhaps know how to, I'd be grateful :)

Shishi Nadou

If you have Google Play, you can connect your card directly to your Google Play wallet and use it to purchase from the app. You don't need Paypal or whatever. As long as you have a debit/credit card, you can pay.

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Hi, I am fortunate enough to go to Seoul in time for their YNWA Fansign. Do you have an email that I can ask questions about how to apply to the fan sign? (I already read the tutorial on your blog but this fan sign is different than the one you've made a tutorial for).

juliee zuniga

It's generally the same steps.... it was a general tutorial since they regularly update the dates and stores where you buy albums for a specific fansign. For this fansign, you have to buy specifically from Alladin and must be able to buy before the set deadline. The rest of our reminders and instructions in the tut still apply. And take note that since it is a lottery, it's not guaranteed that you'll be picked even if you buy one or more albums. We've heard that in their recent fansigns, some fans bought more than 50 albums but still didn't get in. It is extremely about luck. So, we really couldn't help you about it. :(( You may want to ask fans who've been to fansigns a lot, like Hana(hanabear_), Skye (skyetokki) or Miri (papercrowns). If you're really really interested on going to this 1st fansign, you can probably ask for their advice. Good luck!

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Hello!I plan on getting a bts album(btw i've never ordered before)and I would like to know some good sites that have logical prices,sell kpop albums and ship to Europe because i have literally no experience with all of this.Maybe you can tell me and give me some recommendations? Thank you


Try KpopTown, Ktown4u, or KpopMart. They're relatively cheaper among online shops.
Still, if you want to save on shipping fee, you may want to join group orders in your country. There are fans/fanbases that hold group orders. You can look them up on Twitter.

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In that article on your twitter is written that it is a 'complete' album. That means there are only going to be new songs?

♥ Zayn's wife ♥

It seems so, since it also refuted the idea of a ;repackaged' album. But we can never be too sure until they post the album track list.

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Do you know when will they be recording their next appearance on Music Bank?

Ryan Bernardo

BigHit hasn't confirmed if they're doing music show promotions with the WINGS Extension since they're starting their tour after that. So we don't know.

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Where can i buy the album in cheaper price and where can i buy it???


Join group orders to save on shipping fee. But if you prefer ordering individually from online shops, try kpoptown/kpopmart. YesAsia is also an option but they sell on higher prices. - 🌜

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will you sub my pet clinic? i cant find any subbed vid of that show

Hanny Lee

There are subbed videos on youtube. :)

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I was wondering if Rap Monster can translate English fan letters for the other members since he's the one who can speak English the best (no offense)

Susan Rivas

He usually does that a lot! But I dont think you should write a separate letter for each since he prolly won't have time to do it. If you want, you can send one English letter to RM that is also addressed to everyone. - 🌜

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Hi! Can I ask you if this address is still available ( and also if they receive gifts from fans if I send it there! Thank you so much in advance <3


Yes and yes.

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I want to ask,cause there is slight chance to go to BTS concert,if they come any near my country,do i need to be part of the Official Global Fan club pt.3 or however its called to reserve tickets beforehand?I mean i know there is no official info about the world tour,but is this how they work?Thanks


Different organizers have different rules! Please just wait for details~

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Nothing official at the moment.

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Do you know when the tickets for their concert go on sale? I want to go to the Anaheim one but when I go the website, it doesn't show their date.


The respective local organizers will be the ones posting concert info. Not BigHit. But so far, none has been announced.

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can you give me the link for their address? and how long can they receive my mail? thank you so much!

Jelzee Cates Java

Can you please give the link for your muster2 compilation? Thank you for all of your hard work ❤️❤️

Shatha razen

We linked it as thread to the ask tweet. ☺ - 🌜

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