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hello i couldnt find the immortal songs subbed video in your website could you pls translate it?

Thank you for showing interest! However, our team will not be subbing the full Immortal Songs ep. Other platforms such as Viki, Kocowa, ODK &Kshow123 will provide subs for the full show. So instead, we prefer to focus our energy on other, unsubbed, videos.
We hope you understand.

Did you guys also traslated the fancafe post that they used to post??

It is against the policy of Fancafe to repost content outside of the site, so our team does not translate any Fancafe content. Searching the “fancafe” tag on our tumblr account (https://bts-trans.tumblr.com/tagged/fancafe) will bring up translations we have done back in 2013, when the rules were less strict, but those are all the posts we have. We hope this clarifies, thank you!

Good day. I already downloaded vieos b4. But for the 200912 and 200914mbc interview, the downloaded videos have no sound. Do you just in case the reason there's no sound on the donwloaded version? I use google drive. Thank u so much 😊

Good day to you as well!
We are aware of this issue, but we don’t really know where it’s coming from. Several of our staff members tried downloading the videos on their own devices and it worked for them. We’re really sorry we can’t help you with this one :(
We wish you all the best.
- Bettina

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Hello could you please fix the english subs here??? I noticed your translations under the name 'BANGTANSUBS' when I downloaded the subbed file. I think the translations were not right or not complete. Thank you. https://www.vlive.tv/video/11149 https://www.vlive.tv/video/11196

Hello there,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will check it out and correct any mistakes. Please be aware that we have to re-sub the whole video to ensure we catch everything, so it will take us a while.
- Bettina

Hello! I really thank you for your hard work. I was wondering when BTS uploads on Vlive and we have to wait 24 hours for subtitles is it possible that you can upload English subtitles on your Youtube channel?

Hi! It is against Vlive's rules to reupload their videos onto any other platform and these videos will get claimed/taken down fairly quickly, so we will not upload any Vlive videos to our YouTube channel. Additionally, since Vlive provides subtitles for all BTS videos fairly quickly, our team prefers to focus their time and energy on the many unsubbed videos that need translations.
Apologies, and thanks for understanding!

Hi! Are you planning on subbing a butterful getaway with bts?

Hello, 'A Butterful Getaway with BTS' is definitely on our to-do list. However, since it is quite long and currently not on the top of our priority list, it may take a bit of time before we complete the video. We ask for your kind understanding!
You can check out our progress log for future updates on this video: https://www.bangtansubs.com/progress
- Laura

Hi can i request if you can make a subtitle for this video https://youtu.be/L5C6tVGo7Vg if its ok to you😊 thank youu💜😊

Hello, unfortunately the video is no longer available. :( If possible, please send us another link or the name and date of the video, so we can further assist you with your request!
- Laura

there are two shows on tv with bgts in march in korea. will there be a possibility to translate for us international Army?

quadrati’s Profile Photocharlotte
Hey there,
We are working hard on “You Quiz” at the moment. Keep an eye on www.bangtansubs.com/progress for updates.
"Archive K" is actually already done and uploaded:
As for “Let’s BTS”, this has been fully subbed
on several other platforms (eg. Kocowa, Viki) and thus we will not be subbing it.
Have a good one!
- Bettina & Laura

I'm curious as to know how long translating and editing takes for the context?

That’s a really good question! We actually had a little Q&A session last year where we responded to this question (and many others).
You can find it here: https://twitter.com/BTS_TransKive/status/1302426856340160513?s=20
The answer to your question is last in the thread, but the rest is worth checking out as well, especially if you’re curious about our “behind the scenes” processes! Enjoy ;)
- Bettina & xpxoxd
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Hello :) Always so grateful for your hard work <3 May I ask, would you post on tumblr in the same way you do on twitter? Like you do Weverse trans as individual tweets and include the photos? It would be nicer to reblog this way~~ if possible I think most of us on tumblr would prefer it <33 love you

Hi there!
We completely understand what you mean about reblogging being better if the Weverse translations were in individual posts. Then it’d be easier for people to add comments/converse about specific posts instead of the entire summary.
However, the frequency of interactions on Weverse is a lot more varied vs Twitter. When one of the boys logs on, they can sometimes comment on 40 posts in a single night. There’s no way to “thread” posts on Tumblr, so we would be unable to group all of these translations together. Then, we’d be flooding timelines with a mass amount of posts. This wouldn’t be ideal for all of our followers, and would add a lot more work for our Secretaries who have to lay out each individual post.
It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t work out the same as it does on Twitter, and we’re sorry it’s harder to interact with individual Weverse translations this way, but for now this is the solution we’ve come up with. Thank you for understanding!

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Hi. I'm really sorry to ask but is there any other link for this video? :( 150613 STARCAST: BTS News – BTS 2nd Anniversary I saw it here on your tweet but also saw it was taken down on dailymotion. https://twitter.com/BTS_Trans/status/613584991025528832?s=20 (BTW, thank you for your work!) <3

Thank YOU for supporting us!
Sadly, the video you’re referring to was indeed taken down when our Daily Motion account was removed. BUT, good news! One of our team members found a suitable video for re-subbing and it’s already on our list for re-uploads. These re-uploads are done alongside our regular translation work, though, so we ask for your patience as they take some time. Keep an eye out on the re-uploads section on www.bangtansubs.com/recent or www.bangtansubs.com/progress for updates.
Best wishes
- Bettina & xpxoxd

hi, you had a video of taehyung's blood sweat tears m2 fancam where he was playing around with the camera/cameraman? but i can't find it? can u tell me where can i find the subbed or the original video? thank you!

Hi there!
I’m not 100% percent sure I got which fancam you mean, but I found these two that match your description:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8nm0M1YrQQbangtansubs’s Video 167375108006 t8nm0M1YrQQbangtansubs’s Video 167375108006 t8nm0M1YrQQ
Or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxdL7vPoPGsbangtansubs’s Video 167375108006 OxdL7vPoPGsbangtansubs’s Video 167375108006 OxdL7vPoPGs
I hope that helps narrow it down! Have fun watching~~
Best wishes
- Bettina

Hello. Thanks you soo much for your effort. I saw your YouTube channel and I was just wondering if youtube gave you guys the silver and golden play button since you achieved the milestones. I was curious because of the copyright

What an excellent question! As for the copyright: BigHit owns the copyright on videos we have subbed on our channel, as it is their own original content. Any ads placed on our videos, for example, are placed by BigHit.
That doesn’t stop us from getting the play buttons, though! But, fun fact, Youtube doesn’t just give them out; you (or in this case, we) actually have to order them. That’s something we haven’t done yet, but totally could.
Have a good one!
- Bettina & xpxoxd

hi! just wanna ask if i could repost subbed videos of yours for a fan page? i wanna share it to others too. but of course w/ credits “//@bangtansubs + links” like from yt. ☺️ I love how you subbed videos it really helps us intl ARMY. Thank u so much! I appreciate you people doing this. Borahae 🥺💜

As long as the video clearly shows that you altered and worked on it yourself and you give credit, that’s alright! We’re glad that we can contribute to many of ARMY's journey in the fandom. But we don’t allow full video reposts, even with credit. We prefer that you direct people to our videos on our website or YouTube channel. Otherwise, have fun!
- Bettina & xpxoxd

Hello i have an idea For bts songs its a once in a week behind the song with bts kind of thing if you are interested please message back. Noideasus08 is my twitter handle. I tried contacting many in the fandom but i was not able get any reply from any big acc and small acc does not have editors

Hello there Noideasus08,
Your project sounds lovely! However, we are unable to help you with this idea as we have enough on our hands with the regular translation work and this doesn’t really fit our team's focus.
Regardless, we wish you all the best for your project!
- Bettina & xpxoxd

Hello. Do you have your own eng sub video of this? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6kgk34 I am actually more relied on your sub videos. Thank you for always translating bts videos. You guys really work hard. I respect you all. 💜💜💜

Hello there,
Thank you for your respect and trust! Actually, we didn't sub that, as it was not officially posted by KBS or BigHit.
Maybe you’ll find other translators who did it!
Best regards,
- Bettina

Hello! You are all doing an awesome job - I LOVE your translations and let me tell you it's totally worth it when you upload! I'd just like to request if you can do all the other previous Ask Anything chats from 2017 and 2018? Sorry to ask so much and again thanks! <3

No, thank YOU for your love and support!! And also for your request - we added the videos to our list! https://www.bangtansubs.com/todo
Have a lovely day!
- Bettina & Laura

Hello! I had a question about a video you translated but I can't seem to find it? It's from the new yang nam show, an extra clip of jin and jk thumb wrestling. i know it's been subbed by you because i've seen it in a few other videos!

Hey there,
It’s on our website, here’s the link for you: https://www.bangtansubs.com/videos/2017/2/23/170223-new-yang-nam-show-pre-release-2-hours-before-madnae-and-maknaes-resting-time-feat-pot-belly
If you want more New Yang Nam content, simply put “New Yang Nam” in the search bar and you can find everything else. Enjoy!
- Bettina

Hello. There's something I wanna ask. Did you made changes on your site? I was about to watch videos from Wings Era but only like 4 or 5 videos are shown. There's no option below to see older videos. Please help me. It's like that on All/Archive tab too. Only 4 or 5 recent videos are there. Thankuuu

Hi there,
Thank you for sharing this issue with us! Weirdly, several of our staff members checked and it worked completely fine for them.
Here’s the link to all our videos tagged Wings: https://www.bangtansubs.com/videos?page=1&category=WINGS
If it still doesn’t show all the videos (there’s 19 pages of them), maybe contact us again with a screenshot and the browser you’re using and we’ll see from there.
Take care!
- Bettina

Will you guys have an opening for a timer position soon? :--O I see that typesetting's open but I'm impartial to timing haha. You guys do awesome work, cheers!

There aren’t any open spots at the moment, but we’ll be glad to hear from you once we open applications again! We can’t say when that will be, so make sure to check our twitter regularly so that you don’t miss it.
- Bettina

Hello I want to upload bts run ep with eng sub I have my YouTube channel but when I download so there will be eng sub but when I upload it on my channel so sub is gone and no caption option so can u pls tell me how I upload bts run ep with caption eng pls help me I have no money I want earn money 🙏🙏

Hi there~ This is just from our experience, but YouTube has a very severe copyright system. Run BTS isn't paid content, but it is against VLive's rules to reupload their videos onto any other platform, and will get claimed/taken down. If it doesn't get taken down, at the very least it will get ads placed on it that will send revenue to the copyright owner (in this case, Big Hit). As well, translating videos that you do not own yourself does not count for YouTube’s creator platform, so you will not be able to make money off of these videos.
If you want to translate them, you can use VLive's subbing platform (https://subtitle.vlive.tv). This will not make you any money, but it’s the only way you can contribute translations without getting into trouble.
If you want to translate and get money, you will have to join a company, or try to get the legal rights to a video first before posting it.
I hope this helps!
- Laura & xpxoxd

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Hello have a good day.where I can download bts videos with english subtitles that I can able to edit for my youtube channel.thanks in advance for your help

Good day,
There are programs for downloading videos, a quick internet search should point you the right way.
If you intend to use our videos, make sure that it falls under 'transformative' content. Additionally, please leave our logo in the corner uncovered, and credit us (preferably with link) in the description.
- Bettina & Laura

Hi! Are you going to translate previous festa content 2014-2018 (e.g. self written profiles, not videos)?

Hello! For now, we have decided to put previous Festa content on hold, and instead focus our manpower on newer, un-translated content. We do hope to finish all Festa content in the future. 💪
- Laura


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