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It has been a long, long year since the last time I came here and I (once again) deeply apologize for that. I was going through some personal stuff, school got me good too and I stopped watching animes in between. So I it didn't feel right to me to post half-hearted answers here, without having fun doing so.
But recently, I have been rewatching some of my favourite animes and I can surely say that I miss those times where I pushed myself to stay up late because I was an anime/manga addict and here I am. Reliving moments.
So that means I'm starting this page once again, but it's only me this time. Girls who used to share this account with me are no longer in the fandom in generall, but they can come back whenever they want.
With that begin said, I want to thank everyone who still asked questions, even thought we (I) didn't answer them and big thanks to everyone who showed support, thank you ❤

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It has been a long long year since the last time I came here and I
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Thoughts on Kuzo no Honkai ?

Honestly, I don't even know where to start with this complete and utter piece of shit and I mean this in terms of story and characters. But before I even get to that I would like to address something I think a major part of the community seems think about the show. This story is not deep, mature or realistic in any form the words. The art, animation and music are standard of most anime today, unfortunately that does not make up for the piss poor writing. Let's talk about the emotional ineptness of the characters which only serves to stereotype millennials from the two sixteen-year-olds who begin to sleep with each other out of desperation to a teacher who actively decided she wants to have an affair with a male student, if it was just these three people having these problems I could believe it or at least suspend my disbelief. But no, that's not what happens it devolves into a Spider Web of lies and bullshit up to the point you find yourself not caring anymore due to the sheer ridiculousness of the situation and you find yourself only watching to seeing how much farther the rabbit hole it goes down the proverbial sink. These are the reasons why I will not be recommending the show to anyone, of course there's more I could talk about in this review such as the complete lack of parental or employee supervision, but I think I've said enough to say this show is awful and at its best is little more than emotional torture porn for teenagers.

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Thoughts on Kuzo no Honkai

Jel Kaneki ima devojku, jel zaljubljen u nekog ili neko u njeg? I kako je umro onaj na kraju? I jel ona promo slika iz 2. sezone predstavlja Kanekija kako nosi ovog sa plavom kosom?

Da, Kaneki i Touka su u mangi zajedno, ali se sumnja da će Touka biti ubijena, kako se šuška po instagramu/twitteru.
I takodje se sumnja da Hide nije umro i da je zapravo živ.

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Jel Kaneki ima devojku jel zaljubljen u nekog ili neko u njeg I kako je umro