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Please help! I am a Mona however my family has finally agreed to keep my hair however today at secondary school a white kid came with scissors and cut a bit of my hair k was so upset I felt that I was a disgrace to the Khalsa. I did not speak to him for the whole day. What should I do wjkk wjkf

VJKK VJKF! This is a serious issue, you shouldn't ignore this, please get in contact with the Sikh helpline.

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I m non sikh but i m not ready for amrit i think as i m still afraid from problems ,i would be bad in keeping maryada if i take amrit , i wouldnt stand up to what khalsa needs from a amritdhari what do u think veerji ? Wgkk Wgkf

VJKK VJKF! You'll never be 100% ready for Amrit because we will never be perfect. Amrit makes us perfect, we cannot become perfect ourselves. Always remember that Amrit is just the first step and there is a long way to go after that.

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vjkk vjkf ji! how can you explain following in one or two sentence to someone(when they ask while just passingby) -sikhi -why wear kirpan -why wear turban kirpa ji! _/\_

- We wear a Kirpaan to protect ourselves and others in times of need and defense.
- We wear a Dastaar (turban) to stand out from a crowd and be recognized as Guru's Sikhs, just as the police wear a uniform.

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