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Could you do the why guru course online? Maybe send out something everyday. Or create a group chat on social media. It's very difficult turning up to the events as they are too far. It's just a suggestion. Thanks

My mom works nights and does nitnem there, but she doesnt always have the time. When is her amritvela, when she comes home from work? Please answer

Sikhi is practical, remember Amrit Vela is not only the time before sunrise but any time we connect to Vaheguru. She can read the Bani after work.

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Is it bed to take off the Kara

Kara is a Kakkar, meaning we keep it on at all times.

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with exams around the corner, i find myself procrastinating and not having any will to study or do work. can u suggest any shabads that would help motivate me

kabeer kaal kara(n)thaa abehi kar ab karathaa sue thaal ||
Kabeer, that which you have to do tomorrow - do it today instead; and that which you have to do now - do it immediately!

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Is it acceptable to take cyber hukamnama when you feel like talking to guru sahib?

Yes of course.

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do sikhs believe in judgement day?

No, we believe that we are judged as soon as we die.

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I want to take amrit and have the 5ks but I am still at school where they don't allow kirpans, is there anything I can do about that?

Dont let that stop you, you can wear a kirpan to school of certain size limit.

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Should we read raagmala when concluding sehaj paath? There's so much controversy and I'm so confused after reading all the arguments and counter-arguments!

I want to take amrit, but it takes me nearly three-four hours to finish nitnem, but I wake up at 4:00am and work starts at 6:00am. Is it okay to take amrit, and do Nitnem every day along to a 1-1.5 hour recording of panj bani's

Yes that's perfectly fine.

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What does sikhi say about homosexuality and civil partnership? Can I please have some quotes.

The videos are on our channel, search YouTube for 'basicsofsikhi homosexuality'

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Please help! I am a Mona however my family has finally agreed to keep my hair however today at secondary school a white kid came with scissors and cut a bit of my hair k was so upset I felt that I was a disgrace to the Khalsa. I did not speak to him for the whole day. What should I do wjkk wjkf

VJKK VJKF! This is a serious issue, you shouldn't ignore this, please get in contact with the Sikh helpline.

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do you know where i can get a senchi of sri guru granth sahib ji maharaj with vyakhya (explanation) in punjabi ?

Try ask your local Gurdwara

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I m non sikh but i m not ready for amrit i think as i m still afraid from problems ,i would be bad in keeping maryada if i take amrit , i wouldnt stand up to what khalsa needs from a amritdhari what do u think veerji ? Wgkk Wgkf

VJKK VJKF! You'll never be 100% ready for Amrit because we will never be perfect. Amrit makes us perfect, we cannot become perfect ourselves. Always remember that Amrit is just the first step and there is a long way to go after that.

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Are Sikhs allowed to dance?

Guru Raam Daas Jee tells us:
O humble servant of the Lord, let your dancing be meditation on the Lord, Har, Har.

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I dont know why but I'm scared of learning about sikhi? I was really into it a couple of months back but now I'm drifiting away and making excuses becasue I'm scared but I don't understand what the fear is about

Mind always fears the truth, make an effort and get over it.

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Can a Sikh marry another Sikh,even if one of the Sikhs aren't from a Sikh family, but that individual is practising Sikhi? (As confusing as this sounds an answer would be much appreciated)

Yes of course

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vjkk vjkf ji! how can you explain following in one or two sentence to someone(when they ask while just passingby) -sikhi -why wear kirpan -why wear turban kirpa ji! _/\_

- We wear a Kirpaan to protect ourselves and others in times of need and defense.
- We wear a Dastaar (turban) to stand out from a crowd and be recognized as Guru's Sikhs, just as the police wear a uniform.

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should i still do my panj banyan if i don't understand them

Yes but slowly try to understand meanings by listening to Katha explanations etc.

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Why do sikhs keep hair. I knows its a gift from God. But that doesnt really make sense when youre talking to a gora

what is the definition of maya

Guru Amar Dass Ji tells us in our Nitnem - Anand Sahib:
eaeh maaeiaa jith har visarai mohu oupajai bhaao dhoojaa laaeiaa ||
This is Maya, by which the Lord is forgotten; emotional attachment and love of duality well up.

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