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Nothing just keep your 'sure opinion' to yourself please.

Haha. So basically hamara kutta, kutta. Apka kutta tommy?
If you plan to go around and "bless" everyone with your unwanted opinion, you should atleast be ready to hear out their thoughts in return.
Go and find something better to do with your life now.

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(Continuation of last answer)

All the emotional pain, all the nights of crying myself to sleep, it was all finally over. I felt free. As if someone had lifted this huge weight off my chest and i could finally breathe.
After all that happened, i've taught myself to never pray for something to happen. I ask Allah to guide me towards something agar wo meray naseeb mein achi hai, and to keep me away from anything that might cause me pain. I have faith in his plans.
And now this hadith qudsi speaks volumes to me, i finally understand the beauty of it:
"Aye Ibn e Adam!
Ek teri chahat hai aur ek meri chahat hai
Magar hoga wohi jo meri chahat hai
Pas agar tu ne supard kar diya us ke jo meri chahat hai,
To mein bakhsh doonga wo bhi, jo teri chahat hai.
Par agar tu ne naafarmani ki us ki jo meri chahat hai,
To mein thaka doonga tujh ko us mein jo teri chahat hai.
Phir ho ga wohi
Jo meri chahat hai"
Be careful what you wish for!

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Koi dil ki baat? 💜💯

Syed Muhammad Faraz
About two years ago, I really wanted this one "thing" to happen. I wanted it so bad. Even though it had been causing me so much pain. I used to ask my closest friends to pray that i somehow get it. Instead, they used to say: "Allah tumein wohi de jo tumharay naseeb mein behtar hai". That always scared me cause i knew what i wanted, but what if it wasn't meant to happen? Phir in my prayers i used to say: "I don't care if it's right for me or not. THIS is what i want". It was stupid, i know. But i was in "love". And Allah granted that wish. For years, i had what i asked for. But i wasn't happy. At all. Cause it caused me more emotional torture than anything. And i finally reached this point when i started to loathe my own existence. I started hating myself because i was too scared to admit that something i wanted so desperately earlier, was the worst part of my life now. And i was the one who asked for it. "Be careful what you wish for". That's what everyone tells you but you never put much thought into it. So when i said "I don't care if it's right for me or not. THIS is what i want". That's exactly what happened. I got what i wanted, but it wasn't right for me. I didn't like it when my friends asked me to stop asking for what i THINK i want and start praying for what Allah KNOWS is good for me. But i learnt this lesson the hard way. After going through all the pain for years, i finally sat on the prayer mat one day, cried my eyes out and BEGGED for happiness. I finally asked Allah to bless me with what is good for me. To help me.
And that's what happened. Within days, I lost every bit of longing i had for that one "thing". As if i had never felt anything towards it. As if i never wanted it in the first place. I recovered! I detached myself from everything that had anything to do with it. And i swear, it didn't even feel like a loss. For the first time in a very long time, i felt happy! I felt relieved.....

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